Friday, May 26, 2017

To The Wonderful Graduates

I dont know how all your life started here at the same place you have ended up now. I am sure that it all started with big dreams. And it has been five years, and how many of you can happily raise their hands that I have achieved what I dreamt of. I could see only a few hands risen. It ain't issue. Five years before you were just in the stage of understanding which is the goal I can start with. What I can dream for. And maybe few with their perseverance, luck or only through their clear vision and planning have attained their dreams. It may be a story told always and always but any kind of achievement begins and ends only with proper planning, a clear vision and most importantly courage and sincerity in pursuing things. If you are not satisfied with your achievement, and if you are only half way now or if you haven't yet started yet, it just means you have planned wrong or your plan doesnt work out. Whatever it maybe, past is a lesson while the future is the story itself. Work out what went wrong and start everything for your next five years. Make right decisions. It is more important than making bold and cold decisions. Your achievement is your plan and your plan is nothing but the effective decisions you make. Dreaming gives you a path but only courage to pursue it gives you the victory. Make your big decisions now. It is never too late or not too early. It is the right time. The time you are sitting here and having an oppurtunity to decide of what you can be after five years, is your golden time. This minute's decision of your life can redefine yours and your family's whole life. Many will say IT job is a rat race, but if you are comfortable with it and if you have a vision to do something big in it, go for it. And when you win, and when you show your uniqueness this world will know that you are not a rat but a dragon of fire. On other hand if you feel going for IT job or any job at all is too much ordinary and if you hate it so much and if you have other plans, and if you are strong on it, why don't you go for it. After all, it is how you end up that defines who you are.  Don't stay longer in a job or a place which you do not fit in. If you have find or 100 % confident of finding some other job that totally perfects you, why are you delaying go for it. And don't quit your job without a proper idea and get lost in the volatile dreams. A lot of us do that mistake. We aim for Moon and in the pursuit of it, we jump from one start to another only going nearer to the Moon by that process but never attaining it. And worst case is that while jumping from one star to another, we fall totally and miss the whole sky all together. If you want to attain Moon, plan and take efforts only towards attaining that. Because if you wanted Moon and even if you landed up in a star you wouldn't be satisfied at all.  And finally I got to say only one thing, you all have successfully graduated, it is nothing less and nothing more. Toiling for four years and graduating is not a small deal but only graduating is not the biggest deal of your lives. There is a lot more ahead. And whatever you might have planned for, and how much impossible it may seem, start your running sooner because the count down has begun now.