Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jallikattu with a madness like gravity

A state refuses to obey supreme court order and keeps all its water to the 'irrigation' of white collar employees as if they were harvesting rice and wheat grains out of their US controlled desktops. While, with the support of PETA, another online  money begging fraudlents of US, the same supreme court bans aeons old tradition. I just have one doubt of whether Supreme court does really work for our country or US. Now all those trips of Modi to US seems to make sense. I have seen casterating of ox. And that can be prohibited. Strict rules can be laid.If the game seems to be a pain, change the rules and not ban it .. that will make everyone disabled. But PETA where is your voice for all those thousands of dogs that gets casterated. Why can't you replace these street dogs with environmentally unsuitable German Shepherds and pugs. If you succeed in this then you have rights to question of what farmers who are GodFathers of their cattle shall do with them. Until then continue your business of 'sculpting' the tradition of the nation by selling your nude photographs.  Since the ban, did you see the huge organized madness among the crowd. I make no complaints out if it. It is right way of dealing with things. Let's make the impact with a revolutionary blow. PETA you thought you could become famous by stirring up a sensitive issue. Believe you will become famous in mere days and soon you will vanish and become nothing. Dont be happy that you have made a crowd mad coz the same madness is going to destroy you. It's a wonderful thing that now people really care about things. But will everyone understand the marketing campaign behind it. Isn't this a strategy to make TN think that we need support in central government to make our issues heard? And then enter the market to supply for this demand. BJP that demolished Babar Masjid to scoop the Hindus' votes is no wonder will have strategies like this. So, the best way to give back is to give a blow at the time when it's needed. Money sucking corporates like PETA first establish their base stronger and then destroy whatever hinders the growth of their branches be it thousand year old wall that has sentiments of millions. There is no use in cutting the branch, two others will grow at the same time. Let's shake the base itself. Believe me that will be a real revolution. People pouring Pepsi and cola in the road. That's brilliant. What's more brilliant will be to spoil the brand image of the corporates and everyone who wanted to utilise this fire to their advantage. And I know slowly these will happen and Jallikattu will have its justice and PETA, that loots sensible hearts' money in the name of animals will have its verdict. But what worries me is that there used to be a woman, who ruled us and soon after her death, a lady from nowhere takes over her place from banner to leader. And why are people silent about it. Isn't this unimportant? What's insufficient for the revolutionary blow here.. the fuel or the fire itself?