Friday, May 26, 2017

To The Wonderful Graduates

I dont know how all your life started here at the same place you have ended up now. I am sure that it all started with big dreams. And it has been five years, and how many of you can happily raise their hands that I have achieved what I dreamt of. I could see only a few hands risen. It ain't issue. Five years before you were just in the stage of understanding which is the goal I can start with. What I can dream for. And maybe few with their perseverance, luck or only through their clear vision and planning have attained their dreams. It may be a story told always and always but any kind of achievement begins and ends only with proper planning, a clear vision and most importantly courage and sincerity in pursuing things. If you are not satisfied with your achievement, and if you are only half way now or if you haven't yet started yet, it just means you have planned wrong or your plan doesnt work out. Whatever it maybe, past is a lesson while the future is the story itself. Work out what went wrong and start everything for your next five years. Make right decisions. It is more important than making bold and cold decisions. Your achievement is your plan and your plan is nothing but the effective decisions you make. Dreaming gives you a path but only courage to pursue it gives you the victory. Make your big decisions now. It is never too late or not too early. It is the right time. The time you are sitting here and having an oppurtunity to decide of what you can be after five years, is your golden time. This minute's decision of your life can redefine yours and your family's whole life. Many will say IT job is a rat race, but if you are comfortable with it and if you have a vision to do something big in it, go for it. And when you win, and when you show your uniqueness this world will know that you are not a rat but a dragon of fire. On other hand if you feel going for IT job or any job at all is too much ordinary and if you hate it so much and if you have other plans, and if you are strong on it, why don't you go for it. After all, it is how you end up that defines who you are.  Don't stay longer in a job or a place which you do not fit in. If you have find or 100 % confident of finding some other job that totally perfects you, why are you delaying go for it. And don't quit your job without a proper idea and get lost in the volatile dreams. A lot of us do that mistake. We aim for Moon and in the pursuit of it, we jump from one start to another only going nearer to the Moon by that process but never attaining it. And worst case is that while jumping from one star to another, we fall totally and miss the whole sky all together. If you want to attain Moon, plan and take efforts only towards attaining that. Because if you wanted Moon and even if you landed up in a star you wouldn't be satisfied at all.  And finally I got to say only one thing, you all have successfully graduated, it is nothing less and nothing more. Toiling for four years and graduating is not a small deal but only graduating is not the biggest deal of your lives. There is a lot more ahead. And whatever you might have planned for, and how much impossible it may seem, start your running sooner because the count down has begun now.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017



 It was my English exam.  After finishing reading the whole question paper, I opened my costliest Parker pen and started writing. Omg! I forgot to fill ink in my pen. 

What I was going to do? I was shocked, perplexed and at last relaxed. For a few minutes, I scolded my bad luck and then I thought to get a pen from my nearby friends.


With an idea of getting a pen without the knowledge of the invigilator, I looked on to the easy possible ways. 

       In the corner of my bench, the newly joined girl had almost finished a page of the main sheet.  I saw her.  She also saw me that I was seeing her.  The way I looked at her would have surely made her to understand that I was in need of something desperately.  My heart craved to ask a pen from her, perhaps, my male ego didn’t permit me to do hat. Meanwhile, she put her head down and started writing as it was English exam and so, the time duration would not be sufficient. 

            We realize how worse we were and the real side of us only during the times of our desperate needs.  I shut my male ego inside a tight sack and I hissed towards that newly joined girl.  I showed my pen and gestured her to give a pen to me.
“This is the pen I write for a long time, if I give it to you my hand-writing will change,” she whispered it to me.
I keenly saw in her pencil box, she had another fountain pen made of wood. I pointed it and asked, “What about that pen?”
“This is the first pen my daddy brought for me. I am having it for seven years and I don’t give this to anyone. I am sorry,” she whispered in a very low voice and gave me a helpless look. 

“It’s fine. I will manage,” I told her and asked her to continue her writing.  Some of my friends had told me that she was arrogant and cunning.
 “They were right,” I thought so by cursing her in my mind.
   Meanwhile, our invigilator saw everything happened and he gave me his pen with a last warning. I gave him a happy smile and started writing.

That evening I went home and shouted at my mother for being irresponsible. The next day, after sitting in my exam spot, I realized that I forgot so many things.  I forgot to fill ink in my pen.  I forgot that it was only the previous day I got scolding and was given a last warning.  I forgot that neither distant friends nor the nearby foes would be able to give me a pen and save me.  My mind all of sudden went as blank as a last bench student’s exam paper. 

    The question paper was a difficult one and I comprehended, many of my classmates were going to be flunked. So, I closed my lifeless-pen and started looking at the people and every other small and big thing of the hall curiously.  Those moments were like the brakes of your car weren’t working, and you realize you couldn’t do anything. And so, you just close your eyes and relax, leaving things to happen the way as they wish. Fifteen minutes passed by, I was certainly cool and pretending as if I was thinking answers. A minute later, the newly joined girl dragged her wooden fountain pen towards me and gestured me to start writing.

 I expressed my gratitude of choking happiness with my smile and I began writing. The pen was smooth to write.  After I finished a page, I couldn’t believe, was my handwriting so elegant! My desired heart started to love that pen and I wished to own it. I always had craze for pens.  I would fight with my parents and remain adamant without eating for a night to get new pens.  Perhaps, this pen attracted me more than any other pen I ever had. 
     In the afternoon, after the lunch break, I was sitting along with a group of my friends, she came near me, and I was astonished.  She asked me to give her pen back.  Then I looked on to my pocket, it was there luckily. “I am sorry. I forgot to give,” I said this, smiled and gave the pen to her.  She went without saying anything. 


After she went my friends mocked me.  “Arey! What’s happening here? What is going on with you” one of my friends asked.  “A fountain pen and a love story,” other replied.  Many of my friends had told me earlier that she was much beautiful, I felt they were right.

   After a month, our exam papers were corrected and given.  In Physics, most got flunked, but I passed.  Newly joined girl failed in the borders and so, she asked my papers.  I gave it to her and told her thanks because had she not given her pen then the scenario would have been different.  She smiled and said, “No sorry and no thanks and no mentioning of anything in between friends.” 

   As days went, we started talking to each other more often, more frequent and more than necessary. She taught me how to sharpen a pencil and make a flower with its dust, and I taught her how to take imprint of the coins perfectly.  In the meantime, we just became thickest friends.  She told me about many things, many stories behind every little thing she possessed. I often wondered whether she was this much talkative or that she finds only me comfortable to talk about so many things. She had innumerable stories behind her wooden fountain pen and by the time partial stories of that pen got over, I was the one who wrote with it mostly.  She would give the pen to me in the morning and wouldn’t forget to get it back in the evening, for she loved it that much. 


On that day during the recess, I was walking near the cycle-stand. I saw a wooden pen in the ground. I took it. It was her pen. Cunningly, I thought whether I would keep it with myself. 

Then I scolded myself for thinking like that and then I went to the class. She appeared so dull and her eyes too seemed to be watered by tears just some minutes before and I knew the reason. 

      I went near her and told, “I have a gift for you,” and showed her fountain pen. Immediately, she grabbed it away from my hands and told, “Thanks, thank you Krishna, thank you so much.” Kissing her pen, she told thanks again and again with tears and smiles. I wondered was she the same girl, who told me that there should be no thanks and sorry in between the friends. This incident increased the strength of our bond. I understood the importance of this pen to her. I spoke with her, sat near her and played with her against my other friends’ agony and jealousy.

 She always carried Alphenlebe toffees and in the middle of lecture, she would ask me to have them just like my mom who would always carry some snacks and ask me to have them in the midst of long journeys. She never gave the toffee that was meant for me to anyone other than me. Even when someone pestered too much for a toffee, she gave hers.   And I always found happiness in sharing that one toffee with her that she would bite it and make it into two pieces for both of us.  Like this our school days went on.

  It was my birthday.  I gave much of the special chocolates to her.  She was so pleased and told me, “You can ask any of my things, I will give it to you surely.”
Without any hesitation, I asked, “Give me your fountain pen then,”
I asked her fountain pen this time not because I loved that pen but because I wanted to know how much I meant to her. 
Her face dulled, “Ask me anything other than it; you know I can’t give that to anyone, not even to my papa. Moreover, my friends used tell that when we give fountain pen to our friends, the friendship bond would be broken and they would separate or quarrel.”
She as usual started saying stories about it, and then she gave me her pencil box instead of her wooden fountain pen.  I didn’t force her to give her pen because I too was a little afraid of the story that friendship may eventually break when one gifts a pen to his/her friend.

   It was the last day of our Ninth standard.  After we finished our examination, I met her in the canteen.  I spat ink her on her dress. She tried for the same but could not find a spot as my shirt was already brimmed with ink stains.  For some minutes, we talked about our upcoming Tenth standard. Later, she asked me whether I would be studying in the same school.  I told her yes.  I asked her the same question.
She replied, “I won’t miss you. I won't go anywhere away from you. I will study in this same school sitting next to you up to my twelfth standard provided the teachers here don’t flunk me very often.”  I laughed and felt so relieved. And then we both were about to depart.  Suddenly, she called my name and gave me her wooden fountain pen and asked me to keep it safely. I hugged her immediately and told how much happy I was.
She then told me, “I hope this pen never leaks ink but in case if it does then apply some coconut oil after filling the ink. Also the oil will keep this pen shining.”

I felt a strange feeling that time; I felt to talk with her more.  I wished to spend more time with her as if, then after I wasn’t going to get a chance. It’s going to be another two months I told myself.   Giving her pen back, I told her, “I know how much this means to me. You keep it safely with yourself.”
“You are more important than it. I know we won’t quarrel or separate. Whenever you remember me, write with it. Whenever you write with it, remember me,” she told me.

Then her father’s car arrived and she went. 

    After this, we, boys, kept a cycle race in between ourselves in the school road.  We rushed our cycles as fast as we could. In home, I excitedly looked on my bag for her wooden fountain pen.  I didn’t find it there. I last remembered of keeping her pen safely in my bag only but I didn't find it there. I went in the same road in my cycle and searched for the pen, I didn’t find it anywhere. It made me to cry. Earlier I had lost many of the costliest pens and many other costliest things but I have never cried. But losing this pen caused me a great sadness and regret that I couldn’t console. 

I felt sad day after days. I felt missing it. It wasn’t merely her gift.  It was her legacy and my promise too - a legacy she gave me and my promise that I would keep it safe - but now my promise was broken and her legacy was lost.  I wanted to say to her that I had lost her dad’s first bought pen, and get apologized from her. I couldn’t forgive myself for my carelessness when I felt how much that pen meant to her and how much she was attached to it.  I believed, I would forgive myself only if I was forgiven by her.  All of a sudden, I wanted to meet her and tell how much hurt I was by losing her fountain pen.  I felt missing her so much for I knew if she were my near she would have consoled me.

                 I begged to God to end my vacations soon.  Luckily, the two months’ vacation passed soon.  I hoped to bring that non-stop talking sunshine back into my miserable rooms of heart. I went to my school in the earliest and eagerly waited for her arrival.  She didn’t come for a long time. I waited and panicked. She didn’t come for the whole day. I was much worried, thinking what was wrong with her.  I asked many of my friends none knew about it. She didn’t come for the whole week. I asked about her to everyone who was acquainted to her.  None knew where she was and what happened to her. 
  This made me to feel weak about myself and I ended up in the principal room to inquire the details about her.  They didn't have any idea of her.  I went in her school bus and asked a girl from our school, who was near her home.  She told me that her father’s finance company was attacked by people and the whole family fled to an unknown place. I went to her home.  It was now occupied by another. 

That’s the end of the fountain pen and the love story.

 I studied in the same school up to my twelfth standard. She didn’t come thereafter.  I used to go to the places where we used to share our stories and got immersed in her thoughts; sometimes feeling sad and sometimes smiling.  I missed her so much.  I couldn’t believe that she had gone and I couldn’t hope that I would meet her again. Many a times, I used to wonder whether she too missed me like I did. Many a times I would be confused asking myself, “Is this feeling love?” I never got an answer and I knew I would never get one.

   Years passed.  Presently I am in a book store to buy the first fountain pen for my daughter, Tamil Arashi.  I know how much it means to a girl, especially to a daddy’s girl.  My daughter suddenly pointed to a wooden pen that is similar to that fountain pen, the girl on my school days gave me.  I brought the pen for my daughter.  

      The shop keeper filled ink and gave me to check them.  I took the wooden pen and wrote the name, “Tamil Arashi”.  The first name I write whenever I buy a pen, the name of the girl - who stayed in my life for a short time during my school days but took a permanent place in my heart.  Her beautiful name it is.  


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jallikattu with a madness like gravity

A state refuses to obey supreme court order and keeps all its water to the 'irrigation' of white collar employees as if they were harvesting rice and wheat grains out of their US controlled desktops. While, with the support of PETA, another online  money begging fraudlents of US, the same supreme court bans aeons old tradition. I just have one doubt of whether Supreme court does really work for our country or US. Now all those trips of Modi to US seems to make sense. I have seen casterating of ox. And that can be prohibited. Strict rules can be laid.If the game seems to be a pain, change the rules and not ban it .. that will make everyone disabled. But PETA where is your voice for all those thousands of dogs that gets casterated. Why can't you replace these street dogs with environmentally unsuitable German Shepherds and pugs. If you succeed in this then you have rights to question of what farmers who are GodFathers of their cattle shall do with them. Until then continue your business of 'sculpting' the tradition of the nation by selling your nude photographs.  Since the ban, did you see the huge organized madness among the crowd. I make no complaints out if it. It is right way of dealing with things. Let's make the impact with a revolutionary blow. PETA you thought you could become famous by stirring up a sensitive issue. Believe you will become famous in mere days and soon you will vanish and become nothing. Dont be happy that you have made a crowd mad coz the same madness is going to destroy you. It's a wonderful thing that now people really care about things. But will everyone understand the marketing campaign behind it. Isn't this a strategy to make TN think that we need support in central government to make our issues heard? And then enter the market to supply for this demand. BJP that demolished Babar Masjid to scoop the Hindus' votes is no wonder will have strategies like this. So, the best way to give back is to give a blow at the time when it's needed. Money sucking corporates like PETA first establish their base stronger and then destroy whatever hinders the growth of their branches be it thousand year old wall that has sentiments of millions. There is no use in cutting the branch, two others will grow at the same time. Let's shake the base itself. Believe me that will be a real revolution. People pouring Pepsi and cola in the road. That's brilliant. What's more brilliant will be to spoil the brand image of the corporates and everyone who wanted to utilise this fire to their advantage. And I know slowly these will happen and Jallikattu will have its justice and PETA, that loots sensible hearts' money in the name of animals will have its verdict. But what worries me is that there used to be a woman, who ruled us and soon after her death, a lady from nowhere takes over her place from banner to leader. And why are people silent about it. Isn't this unimportant? What's insufficient for the revolutionary blow here.. the fuel or the fire itself?