Monday, November 14, 2016

Hand in Hand with you... In The Ice-cream cone of life...

I remember the day when you first came to hold my hand despite everyone waiting for you...!
You made feel proud, making all other guys jealous...!
It happened in our school, when you know nothing I know nothing better than both of us..!
You and I.. How perfect we were for that school...
Hand in hand..what a blessing we offered to this world that time..!
But I forgot that you had grown now and you having chosen another guy's hand has much more meaning!!
Only I, having waited all these days with a blind hope that your hands are searching for mine, doesn't have any meaning..!
Life has gone.. and now we are not what we were those days...!
We all have become the cruel cunning adults...
The Ice-cream cone of life, is not bigger and sweeter in the ending as it was in the beginning..!
Hand in hand with you to eat it till the end, would have made no complaints...
But life it is! The criminal culprit of everyone's wishes!!
A long diary of memories, we have made now I suppose...
One day I met a woman, who was once a Miss.Universe...
She told the day she became the Miss.Universe was the happiest day of her life..!
One day I met an army man. He was rescued after 15 years in an enemy country..!
He told me the day, he was rescued was the greatest day of his life..!
Then I met a couple...
They said, the day she got conceived after 10 years was the wonderful moment in their lives..!
I thought and thought do I have any moments like those??
Yes, I do have a memory... !!
It was the day you held my hand for the first time..!