Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Seeing the Stars in Night...!

At every important occasions of my life... At those times when I feel the happiest. In those days I do nothing, but wait for the night to come. And when the night arrives, I just move to the place, where I could see the sky and stars perfectly. And I just see those stars and talk to them of how much happy I was and how much beautiful that day was. It is like making a reference to the important occasions of my life. So that when I look back one day maybe at the last day of my life... It will be easy for me to recollect the important occasions of my life... I will just have to remember about the days, I looked stars and talked with them... Be it meeting you, or getting married to you or getting old with you and at last, dying in your lap. Because those stars I meant were your eyes and the sky was nothing other than your beautiful face.