Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Seeing the Stars in Night...!

At every important occasions of my life... At those times when I feel the happiest. In those days I do nothing, but wait for the night to come. And when the night arrives, I just move to the place, where I could see the sky and stars perfectly. And I just see those stars and talk to them of how much happy I was and how much beautiful that day was. It is like making a reference to the important occasions of my life. So that when I look back one day maybe at the last day of my life... It will be easy for me to recollect the important occasions of my life... I will just have to remember about the days, I looked stars and talked with them... Be it meeting you, or getting married to you or getting old with you and at last, dying in your lap. Because those stars I meant were your eyes and the sky was nothing other than your beautiful face.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

7 Reasons Why I Think KABALI Will Be Just Another Average Movie?

1. There was so much delay in the release of the movie. It means that the movie makers are not happy with the way the Kabali movie has turned out and are afraid of movie becoming flop.

 2. Only one teaser and few short teaser were released. Remember how many teaser and trailer were released for Baahubali. It is because Baahubali had too many good scenes and they were able to cut it out but Kabali seems to have only a few good scenes.

3 . The teaser was not that much impressive as well. If the movie has many good scenes then I am sure teaser would have been much more impressive and they would not have dealt with just one dialogue teaser.

 4. Rajini seems to be aged and his body language or acting doesn't seem to be that much impressive. I am sure with this line, all the Rajini Maniacs will want to kill me, but if my guess is not wrong, this point will be criticised as one of the major drawback of Kabali once it gets released in theatres.

 5. Rajini is doing good for people in this movie also. Since last of his movies, that dealt with the same subject became flops. It means audience have grown while film-makers haven't

 6. There is too much of marketing for Kabali.

 7. Execpt Nerupu da, other songs are unberable to hear.

 Perhaps, Nerupu da song with vintage Rajini will do the wonders in the screen. It may be for few seconds but still there will be goose-bumps, and Pa.Ranjith has given two awesome films and we can't predict how the film might turn out. But I don't see it become a blockbuster. Maybe I will be wrong. But these are my own prediction and it is not intented to hurt anyone. Rajini verians beware, because everyone loves Rajini but some respect cinema and every artist involved with it.