Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kavithaigalal Eluthapattavan

Intelligent are those who ran away from seeing you, in ten minutes while fools like me could have gone made and writing about you ...
If you and I would have met in other form or say somewhat earlier in our lives we would have been married. It is not our fault it's the fault of the destiny of why a beautiful love story failed to happen.
I will write about you as if was born for that I have spent my life in loving you and writing about you, during my next life I want to read this and fall for a girl may be the same girl I have written about.
I am afraid to dream about you. I live so many different lives with you in my dreams, but sometimes later, when I realised those were just dreams and not reality, they hurt me like anything. But what makes me more afraid is that what if after our death, we were told that, all those dreams you dreamed in earth were going to be true and this is called as heaven. How could I afford to miss those? I don't know who is that girl. I hate all girls because i suppose they would have cheated me... but to cheat me they should have loved me .. but they didn't but to love me in the first place they should meet me... but how could I love her when I haven't met her yet... where can I find her.. am I writing about her only to find here...?
He is the favourite writer of what he read and favourite reader of what he wrote.. he wrote about her to love her... he loved her to write about her..