Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Wouldn't Leave You In Others Hands

You force me to get away from your life,  But I do not.  Because I am afraid that you might regret for this someday... You said you do not love me.  As a gentleman I should get away from your life...  Perhaps, I do not want to remain as a gentle man to you and watch you live with another...  I will rather remain as a culprit in order to live with you.  So that you hate me or love me it is up to you, but you remain safe in my arms..  It is no way I will leave you my girl on others' hands...  But if you force too much then I don't have any other choice  Yet I will resist as far as I could... Because it is not about my life, it is about your life too.  I am afraid that other man will not love you as much as I do.  But everything has a limit, even the deepest love can never be seen when the wishes clash each other... If you deeply believe I am not your pair then you may find your own.  Perhaps, make sure that someday you don't compare his love with mine and cry inside of your heart...  If you do, I will suffer to the most,  Thinking that I shouldn't have left you on that day you forced me to get away from your life...”