Monday, August 10, 2015

What Is Falling In Love?

I will tell you what is meant by falling in love but before that I will tell about the story of old frog and lotus leaf... There in a pond lived a frog and it always tried to move up on a tree but it fell every time. And every time it fell, there was this lotus leaf that held it safely in its arms... The frog got aged but it kept on trying and falling... It was never afraid to try coz it knew that the lotus leaf is there to catch him when it falls... Honey we are like frogs and in our lives we always try to go above and achieve something. But most of the times we fall halfway through our target. Many might laugh at us. Perhaps, like the leaf of a lotus if there is one person, who will open their lap to hold you in their arms and knowing this if you fall with confidence it is called 'Falling in love...' Only when you fall for a person you are falling in love else you are falling away from love...