Monday, August 10, 2015

Secret and You...

We have been a friends for a long time, until that special day arrived. It was the Valentine's day. When the people were busy partying, she dragged me to library, where we spent our whole day. In the night, we were sitting outside, in the long steps, watching the moonlight. It was getting late and I was expecting that she was going to tell that it was getting late for her. But it seemed she liked to stay with me that day as didn't tell anything and silence didn't bother us nor tell us that we should go home and do something other better. Then looking into her eyes, I asked her, "I am going to tell you a secret, will you keep it safe?"
Yes, she said coming my nearer to me.
I whispered the secret in her ears and asked, "How will you keep it safe?"
"I will keep this secret safely like the twinkle in your eyes, just the way, the sky keeps the stars safe..."
"Nana... What's the secret you whispered in our nanny's ears?" his granddaughter asked him after listening to his story keenly...
"Me...," he told her.