Monday, August 10, 2015

More Than My Friend And Less Than My Lover…

I Could Never Explain What You Are To Me And What I Am To You…
You Are More Than My Friend And Less Than My Lover…
But There Are Many Times You Have Been My Everything…
I Know The Reason Why You Don’t Contact Me And Also Don’t Allow Me To Be In Touch With You...
It’s Because We Know We Can’t Be Together Forever… 
And That’s Why We Weren’t Really Together Before Too…
You Know Me Well, Now Know This Too
Although We Could Not Contact Each Other A Lot,
Till Every Word You Shared With Me,
Till Every Second Of Our Chat, 
Till Every Spilling Of Love You Offered Me,
Till Every Drop Of Greatness You Bestowed Me,
All Together Remain In My Mind As Golden Mom
You Will Be There In My Life And In My Heart As,
The Sweetest Girl I Ever Had In My Life.
Girlie, You Say There Should Be No Thanks,
And Sorry In Between Us,
But There Is No Way,
I Could Ever Make You Feel My Gratefulness.

I Am Very Happy, For Your Presence, Which Has Made My Life Beautiful,
So Tons Of Thanks For Coming Into My Life.
NO Matter What You Have Left, And What You Have Taken…
Because The Place You Stayed Is Finally Blessed…
Though We Are Far Apart,
Every Day I Want To Be,
One Of The Reasons, Of Your Happiness,
So That I Can Find, My Own Happiness In It, By The End Of My Day.
I Know I Will Be Making You Happy Someway As The Way You Do
Wherever You Might Be, Whoever Might Be Holding You And Whatever Might Be Going On In Your Life
There Is Only One Thing I Wanted To Say
Just Take Care Of Yourself Properly,
Because It Includes A Part Of My Own Too.