Friday, August 7, 2015

Lost Dream...

I never thought anything more important than you
All I thought is to sacrifice my life for your happiness
Everyone believed this as love but
I felt this, as something more than that
I believed nothing could divide us

Until the day you said no
I wondered how this could happen to me, but when happened
My heart cried like the baby who doesn’t know anything
Since it believed only tears could lessen its weight
Yet I never blame you for this, how could I

But if God was in front of me
I would have pelted the stones at him
Because all my prayers to him was ignored
He made me to love you
Only because one day he wanted to take you away from me

After you left I went and hugged the oak tree
In which I had written the names of the both
Everywhere all my eyes could see
Is the image of thee
But my hands couldn’t catch them

I chased them then, ended to sleep on the beach
After a few moments I could not believe that
I realized that I was in a temple
Surrounded by all our relatives and
The music of the marriage eve was hitting my ears

I was sitting there as the groom with the auspicious thread in my hands
You were there, near me as the bride
I felt as if I attained the whole world
I will never open my eyes anymore, because
I knew if I open my eyes all these things will go