Monday, August 10, 2015

Letter By A Passionate Lover...

Don’t be sad that we had to live separately though our memories and dreams live together. Not only love, certain other things were also important and indispensable to lead a better life. I was angry when you thought to explain this to me. As you said we have responsibilities in our lives, we were born not only to play the role of a lover but also the roles of a child, spouse, parent, etc…
Do you remember, we used to talk daily continuously for hours in the phone. And we felt so hard to spend a single day without talking to each other. Perhaps, during the nights before our exams we never spoke to each other because we know that the day lying ahead was more important and much responsible. We understood it clearly and never tried to talk in our phones until we completed our exams well.
The same principle goes with our lives too. You have to marry some other and so was I because we had to play the roles of a child well. As decided before neither I nor you was interested to hurt our parents’ feelings though they never tried to understand ours. We were now in a critical stage to take a witty decision, which would never ruin our lives.
I say my girl, the years lying ahead was much important to us than those we spent together and so you and I have to be more responsible. You had to play well the role of a good daughter, affectionate spouse and a wonderful mother. Let us stay apart until we finish our responsibilities well. And our relations and we were satisfied with our lives spent together with them.
May be after thirty or forty years later, when we have lived almost of our lives with our spouse, caring for them and with our kids, nurturing them as men …we would be finally free from all our responsibilities. Yes, I hope on our later part of our lives, when our kids and grand children grown up as men would advice us rather than obeying us, no one other than our spouse might really care about us. When nothing counts and nothing matters, the one I married and I would be waiting for you and your spouse to spend our left out times in a bench on a shore or by going for a walk in a road or in some other peaceful place. I hope, we would be having a heavy bundle of stories and an unbearable bunch of memories to be shared. You and I if get that lucky chance we shall share about this day, the before days and days lying aftermath our marriage. So don’t worry go happily for the day of your marriage and live a happy life and leave a shine of it on everyplace you go. Keep in mind that you had played the role of a lover in an excellent way and I hope you would play others role also well. I order you that you should be only saying beautiful stories compiled with fun and happiness on the day we would meet after all our hairs have gone grey and our mouth had lost its teeth. So you have to live a beautiful life at least for that.
You always say that I was the one who understands you better. And as you believe, I could understand that how much you were hurt now, for being forced to live with another other than me. The same goes with me too, and I could accept all these and I trust you would also. It was all OKAY my girl that you are marrying someone other than me…
Wish you a happy Married life!!