Sunday, August 9, 2015

His Beautiful Wife

He was too much drunk when he entered that tatoo shop. He was so drunk that he actually started to speak to the wall.
He told, "Put me a permanent tatoo that will last forever. Engrave just one letter, the letter N but just do it deeply..."
"Whose name it is? " the old man of that tatoo shop came in front of him and asked. 
"Her name.. The name of the girl... Hnn... Her name that's it. " He told him. 
"Think well before you tatoo your girls friends name because more than 50% customers who come here are those who want to erase their lover's name, which they wrote earlier..."
"Shut up! Just give the tatoo in the way I want... Don't tell me your bullshit stories!"he shouted at the old man.
He was too drunk but still tears came in his eyes, when the old man started engraving the letter N in his arm biceps.
As soon as he finished, he gave the money and left the shop. After he left, the old man told another, "The girl must be lucky. If a man loves a girl even after losing all his senses in drinking, he must be loving her a way too much..."
In a hour, he washed his face and slept for that night and woke up. He was now normal again and he regretted for drinking in the last night. He rushed to the hospital buying a special dress for her. He hoped that if doctor says Ok, he would take her to his home and get her married to him. 
As he reached hospital, the doctor took him and told, 
"Your girl is not going to be alive more than this week. He brain tumor has enlarged in size and we tried everything but God didn't help us. I am sorry "
He stood there speechless and rushed to her room as he didnt want to waste any more of her precious time. The nurse advised him to stay out of the I.C. unit. But his girl, his beautiful and charming white mouse, got her senses and pleaded the nurse to leave him with her for a minute. The nurse couldn't deny this beautiful girl's plea and she left. 
He came near her, she asked, "Hey are you worrying for my departure and are you going to give up on your life once I leave you..."
"Dear, sorry for hurting you, but to tell the truth, I have found another girl, just now I met her before I came her..." he told her hardly. 
Hearing this she felt hurt but at the same time she was so relieved that the one she loved is not going to give up on life and he will be happy with another. 
She asked him, "You have to promise me that you will get married sooner after I die"
He gave her the promise.
She felt relieved so much and smiled at him. Holding his biceps, she asked for a kiss from him. And she died with that last kiss of him. He slowly removed her hands from his biceps which now pained because of the tatoo he had last night. As days went his tatoo didnt pain, it was only a scar. As soon as she died, he got married. He wore her the marriage gown he bought for her, before he put her in the coffin. Had she been alive, she would have known that she had been his one and only beautiful wife.