Monday, August 10, 2015

Gift of Love... #MyFavStory

They were in relationship for eight years. They always fought and argued with each other and it is mostly her mother who solved their fights. Yes their relationship was known to both of their families and they have given consent to their marriage once they get settled in their life. How much ever intense the fight maybe, he never failed to keep her happy on her birthday. And whatever the situation of his life maybe he always found a way to be with her on her birthday. For her every birthday, he gave a surprise gift to her which she would never have imagined of. It was like he thought for this whole year to make that one day, her birthday very special. The week of her birthday was the real Valentines eve to them. She would beg him to know what her birthday gift was but he would say,
"You are a girl fond of surprises and as your lover it is my duty to make those surprises in your life to last long as possible..."
He was actually an adopted son and he never know what his real birthday was and that's why his another half's birthday meant so much to him. She often said that he should also be born in the same day she had born as they were born for each other. She would also gift him in her birthday.
One time, he took her to Kashmir for a ten days trip. She forgot her birthday in that excitement and in the middle of a snow mountain, he had arranged a cake-cut for her. She called it as the best day she ever had in her life. And that was her first birthday, he together celebrated with her. Though he surprised her on all the other six birthdays of her, he couldn't make them so special like the first one. They together were always happy but that he was naturally a short tempered guy. He was straight forward and too daring in his actions. This resulted in the egoistic fights between these two often. It has been two weeks since they contacted each other after their last fight.
Now he doesn't want to call her because she is not calling him.
Her birthday week arrived but he wasn't calling her still. She felt there must be something wrong with him. She went to his home. He behaved rudely and asked her not to come and see him again. The next day she went to his room when he was not there.
In the evening when he returned, he was shocked to see her sitting in his room and sobbing.
Seeing her, he shouted,
"What's this new drama? I have told you clearly not to come to see me again..."
He went to chuck her out of his room.
Taking his medical reports in her hands, she told,
"Bacha, don't hide anything from me. Please tell me the truth... I have searched in net.. As mentioned in your reports, your liver is damaged and you are in your last days.. I know you better and I know why you are doing this to me now... " she sobbed uncontrollably.
After being silent for a minute, he cried then put his arms around her and told,
“I am sorry,”
“For what? For dying soon like this?” she told back and started to wipe his tears...
"I am not going to go anywhere away from you from this moment on wards... "
For the whole next three days, she remained with him. She researched about his disease to find a possibility of saving him but she couldn't find any. The day after tomorrow was her birthday and this time she wanted to gift him something special.
She remembered the day with him on the Jenny's club. There had been a historically old piano and he almost begged with them to play it once but those authorities refused it. And this time she decided to buy it of whatever price it might take... Loosing her jewels, she was able to buy it for him and she kept this as a secret. Her birthday arrived and it was morning ten o’clock and she was expecting her gift (Piano) from the parcel. Meanwhile, she was worried of where he had gone without informing her. He had also kept his phone in the room itself.
Calling bell rang. She rushed to the door. It was him. He had roses in his hand and he hugged her tightly in the instant she opened the doors.
He told, "Mosakutti, I am going to tell you the happiest news ... Guess what ?"
"A happy news... Will you tell me that you are not going to leave me soon..?" She told with a tickled tear.
He jumped in excitement and told,
"The doctor told that my reports have been inter-changed with another and he mistakenly told me that I was suffering from liver clonisis. My reports are clean.”
She was excited with cheerfulness and told, “God has saved me from hell at last.” and cried with happiness.
"What to say a girl? You tell a sad news she cries... And she cries for happiness too..."
"Shut up! Loosu!!" she hugged him.
Then after the end of all the arguments, he told her, “Happy birthday my janu!!”
It was the happiest day of her life. She took him to the temple. She told him, "This is my best birthday, the best day of my whole life..."
Then her birthday gift arrived in the afternoon and he played all his music for her and they were very happy together. They told each other that they would never be egoistic with each oth

er or fight with each other and remain apart. He told she should be always strong and remain happy. They now realized that one must be gifted to be together with their loved ones and not everyone is blessed with that.
A week later when she woke up, she was shattered. He wasn't going to woke up forever. He had died in sleep.
Ranveer, the doctor, who medicated him came to the funeral. He worried and said,
“I called him two days before and warned him to come for the operation. He said he was going to another clinic and they are medicating him. Which clinic does you took him to?”
She explained the things he had told her on her birthday.
"The operation would have saved him another three months,” The doctor expressed his concern and he told that he didn't understand why he had lied to her like this. Perhaps, she knew why he had lied to her. It was merely his last birthday gift to see her happiest on her birthday.