Monday, August 10, 2015

Falling In Love...

Love Didn't Ask Me To Choose You,
I Chose You.
You Didn't Ask Me To Love You,
I Loved You.
You Are Not Very Happy With My One Sided Love,
And For Me Love, Is Not A Happy Thing Without You.
Perhaps, We Are Not Going To Live Forever.
Our Lives Are Short So, We Shall Make Everything Simple.
It Is So True That You Are The Most Awesome Girl I Ever Met,
So, You Be Happy With The One You Have Chosen.
Love Is The Most Awesome Feeling That Ever Happened,
So, Let Love Shall Happen To Me Once Again.
And This Time Love Will Be,
With Someone Who Will Love Me Back.
If It Doesn’t I Wouldn’t Mind Falling In Love Once More

For I Know Falling In Love Is Like Learning A Bicycle,
First Time, Mostly We Will Fall Down And Hurt Ourselves.
But If We Are Afraid To Try Once Again,
Then We Have To Walk Lonely Throughout Life.