Monday, August 10, 2015


It was said that a bride should keep her head down. She feels good about it else everyone will know that she is crying without shedding tears. Groom comes to sit near her. There is so much of happiness in his face like he is marrying the best girl of the world. But how could she tell him that her heart was already occupied by the thoughts of another? The moment she looks at her groom's happy face, she feels cracked inside. She knew she is going to betray her happiness she ought to share it with him. How could she; when her lover had already taken her happiness with his tears... Her groom then soon keeps Bindhi in her forehead... Will he know that it was where her lover kissed her first? With a rise in music, he finally ties the auspicious thread in her neck. Now she realizes that everything has come to an end. That thread has cut off every memory of her past life. When the drama called her marriage came to an end, she sees a long car standing in front to take her to her Sajan's house. But that long car wouldn't comfort her as she couldn't leave behind the memories of the days she went ride in her lover's bike. When her own parents didn't understand her, it is her lover who paved a life for her by allowing her to chose the only option she had when every dream she had with him flew somewhere. He appears as the God to her, but she tells herself that she shouldn't spoil the life of the one who married her. She believes that she would forget everything and start loving him as time goes like the way her parents have told. And then she sees her father. He is so happy that her daughter had at last married the man of his choice and made him to be respected by the society. Despite his happiness he feels a little sad of hurting his daughter but he believes that he has done the best to her. Though she is angry at her father, she couldn't stop herself from hugging him. She hugs him and cries. In her tears, she asks why he had cheated her. When he stood as an obstacle of wall to her love, she knew she is strong enough to fly over it and reach the hands of her lover. But what objected her is the fear that the obstacle would be shattered into pieces if she flies over.
After all these she finally remembers about him, her lover. He had promised her that he 

would come to her marriage. Where he is. Her eyes search for him. In the midst of the relatives, she sees him standing at a distance. He stands there smiling at her as he wants her to smile at him too. She nods her head at him asking without asking that is it okay that she is now leaving him forever. He signals in his eyes saying without saying that she should stop her tears now. She prays to God to give an angel to his loving heart soon. Even an Angel should be blessed to live with him. Among all, he is the one who had lost much but his pain no one will know. Because to no one he will show. As for him others' happiness matters more than his own. And so, he handles it with a smile...
Soon everyone departs and marriage hall now just has empty chairs. Sitting in one of the chairs, he looks at the hall. He wonders how a single day has taken all the good things he is blessed in his life... He knew people are going to pity him and think him as a loser. His own friends are going to scold his lover as a cheater. But he would not allow it. For only he knew who the cheaters are. They are those who kill love in the name of religion, caste, creed, status etc... Then at a distance, he sees two love birds in a nest. He prays to God that in his next life, he wanted to be born as a bird. So that when love of his life wants to come flying into his nest, no cheap minds of human will stand as an obstacle...

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