Monday, August 10, 2015

An Imperfect Life Partner

He always used to irritate me while eating. I would have told him a thousand times to eat decently. Perhaps, he wouldn’t mind. He would chew his food crunchily and often some pellets of rice would be sticking to his mouth. I hated that in him. One day at McDonald’s, I got mad at him, when the ketchup stuck to his chin and that’s when we quarrelled for the first time. I hated these kinds of faults in him more than I loved his perfections. We didn’t know each other before we married. We were so faithful to our parents or maybe a love story didn’t have a chance to be in our lives. We were arranged married couples. We got married two months before. I remember the day, when he saw me for the first time. He was so happy, without minding anything. It looked like neither I nor marriage seemed to be his life changing process, but just another normal activity. I had my own dreams on marriage but those were my pipe dreams, as I wanted to marry only a famous celebrity. I loved collecting the photos of Titanic Hero to all Bollywood stars and dreamed one day I would marry one of them. Perhaps, real life and dreams run in different tracks, a hard lesson I learned in my life. I was very disappointed to see a man, who was not serious about his marriage. But then he said he wanted to talk with me personally. We went outside of our house. Wishing that he would say me a NO, I asked him, 
“Will you…” But before I could complete, he completed, “Marry me…?”
I nodded my head, since that moment he appeared to be cute, but then I wished he should have appeared a little cuter as well. I didn’t fall in love with him or such and so does he. We just wanted to end our loneliness, by sharing it with someone another. In real lives, romance is often an ever flying bird; it rarely remains in our hands. Perhaps, I thought I might be his Titanic Heroine and that’s why he asked will I marry him. 
And still I couldn’t love him, though sometimes I felt he deserved to be loved. He didn’t have bad habits nor he told any lies perhaps, things he did, often made me to feel that there was nothing wrong to hate him. He had so much imperfections and faults. Then one day I was feeling sick. It was in the midnight and I was feeling thirsty to drink water, but I felt so tired to get up and move to the kitchen to drink water. Then he switched on the lights and woke me up. He was having a glass full of hot water and compelled me to drink and have the tablets, which rested with his hands and then lie down. After I had the tablets, he didn’t say a word, switched off the lights and lied near me. The next morning my health was okay and I noticed that I had slept too late. When I woke up, he got ready for his office and said he would order the food for me. He shouted at me of why I was being careless with my health and asked me to take rest for the whole day. 
In that following night we were eating Chapattis. The same way, he crunched his food with an irritating sound without minding anything. Still like a primary kid, the gravy stuck in his lips. This time it didn’t irritate me and make me to hate him. This time, I felt, I should love his imperfections more than I love his perfections. When I was sick, I understood we need people to love us more when we are not capable; we need love when we are in odds; we need people to love our faults more than our perfections. After all anyone could love our perfectness but only a special one could love us fully, love our imperfections especially. Only that special person could be our valentine and eventually our soul mate. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t want to bring up a fight with this little issue and hurt him and myself eventually. By the time I was watching his childish activities; he took the chapattis from my plate and went to watch television. We sometimes fight, argue and hate but what my heart knew

is that he was the one who loves my imperfections and faults, and someday when I became old and feeble, I know he will hold on to me. The same way I know he too believes the same about me.