Monday, August 10, 2015


She hated smokers. He couldn't live without cigarettes. But he never smoked when he was with her. He hated going out. She loved shopping. Being with him in the same room, she ordered clothes online. He loved reading and spending time usefully, she loved to kill time with long phone conversations. He was short tempered but forgave shortly. She never got angry but things once done is forever done for her. He wanted to follow his passion and live a meaningful life. She wanted to earn money and live a comfortable life. They were the keys of the piano. She was white and he was black. They were just the opposite. But together they were the beautiful music. It was until they made adjustments in the name of love. Soon they forgot to understand each other and they started playing it wrong. When the harmonies are lost, the music had gone.
After three months of their break up, she never attended his call. But that day she called him by herself and told she wanted to meet him in their routine. He reached the place, three hours before with a pack of cigarette. He knew he needed at least one full pack for three hours. But while waiting for her, he decided that he was going to leave one bad thing as one good thing that gone away from him, returns back to his life. He didn't open the pack. He wanted to throw away the pack in front of her and tell her that he had quit smoking for her. He wanted to see that happiness in her face. He took the cigarette pack and kept it in his hands. She arrived with a card in her hand.
"It will never work in between us. I am going to marry him," she gave him her marriage invitation.
He stood there shocked. His eyes watered.
Stretching the wedding card, she told,
"But we will still be good friends..."
He then opened his pack and lit a cigarette.
Smoking it, he came near her and told, "Why it didn't work and why it will never work in between us is that we could never really be true friends..."