Friday, June 19, 2015

My Script!

Yes, it still remained as an unacceptable thing that she had gone…
Sometimes committing suicide seemed to be the better option.  I thought about it many times, and I decided to wait for her, untill she marries him.  Keeping this thought in my mind, the days went okay.  I decided I should live without any worries or better end my life.  Few weeks passed by, I understood that those who think to commit suicide always thinks and never commits.
I pretended to my parents that everything was ok, but my heart was always in the abyss in the depression of unrequited love.
A year passed by, her marriage day came. I went to her marriage.  I saw her face after 8 years, since the day I last saw her during my 12th results.  I made sure that she did not see me.  I bestowed the flowers and my wishes to her.

Then I hurried to the dinner, I was so sad that the menu didn’t contain ‘Biriyani’ which is my favourite food.