Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Mother's Day 2015 | Let Her Sleep | I Love You Mom Wishes

When you were in her womb, you kicked her
And woke her up from her peaceful sleep...
She caressed her stomach until you slept.. <3

As an infant, you cried suddenly,
And she didn't sleep in the nights...
As she rocked the cradle for you and made you to sleep <3

You grew and went to school.
She spent time on washing your clothes and getting you on time to school.
She didn't get enough time to sleep...
But she woke you up late after arranging things for you,
So that you didn't miss your sleep <3

In teenage, you came home drunk saying your love broke your heart..
She worried to bind you back and she couldn't sleep...
But she took you in her lap and consoled you to sleep <3

Then you went for job and returned home saying you are tired.
She sacrificed her sleep to look after you...
And you slept well in her care <3

She got you the girl you needed.
And you left her in a separate room to sleep.
Some kind of worry as if you are moving away from her.
How could she sleep? <3

You became father but it is she who is everyone to your child.
You slept comfortably knowing she is there to take care of everything.
Now it is he - instead of you - who is making her sleepless..<3

You never ask her whether she slept well until everything is in order...
One day she sleeps forever, all goes restless
And then you realize ...<3

P.S.  <3 <3 Love your Mother Not only in Mother’s day but also in all the days because you know Motherless Day will be the worst day in life… <3 <3

Written by
Yours #NostalgicPen

Ego Is Injurious To Love...

Preethi          : “Unaku ethanai vaati sollradhu, smokinga nirutha mudiyatha…    enaku kevalama iruku…”
Karthik         : “Unaku enna than di prachanai ippa…”
Preethi          : “Ippave mudivu pannu… Nanna cigarettea unaku ethu mukiyam…”
Karthik to shopkeeper : “Anna oru kings kodunga”
Preethi runs away crying…   
(After few days)
Preethi          :  (in phone)“Namma eppavum meet pannra edathuku vanthudu…”
Karthik         : Comes with one pack cigarette.

“Lovena vittu koduthu poganum… Ego va thandi oru love varanum athu than love…. inaiyil irunthu naan  puthu aalu… Ithuku apuram cigarette illa… Nee mattum than en lifela…”

Karthik         :  He didn't open the pack. He wanted to throw away the pack in front of her and tell her that he had quit smoking for her. He wanted to see that happiness in her face.

Soon, Preethi arrived to the park with a card in her hand.
Preethi          : "It will never work in between us. Namma rendu perum ini orutharuku oruthara hurt panna vendam. Naan Ramesha kalyanam pannika poren,"

Karthik         : eyes watered and stood there speechless.

Stretching the wedding card,
Preeti             : "But, remember Karthik, we are good friends still..."

Karthikl       : Opened the pack and lit a cigarette. 

Smoking it, he came near her and told,

"Namma rendu peruthum en otthu varla inimelum en otthu varathuna namma rendu perum unmayilaye true friendsa iruka mudiyatthu..."