Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Friend You Know And The Lover You Don't Know...

When I made you smile with my jokes... I remained as the friend you wanted to spend your time, But when I told I always wanted you to smile as I am your secret lover too. I became a person you avoid... When I hided the love in my heart and acted as your friend... You shared everything about your life and cared me, But you totally ignored me, When I opened myself fully to you and told I wanted to care you forever... For all these days you loved the friend in me which you know... Until the lover which you didn't know came into existence... I know you can't love this new lover in me... But why you want the old friend in me that you once loved also to die...??♥ #NostalgicPen

Monday, December 7, 2015

Lesson By The #ChennaiRains... Remeber This Flood In Chennai...

<3A Lesson By The #ChennaiRains <3 I hope now you would have realized…All those people who were too proud of being rich...  You used to wear only branded clothes and luxurious shoes and you judged people commenting they have a poor dressing sense? And I hope you would remember forever of what did you wear for the last ten days. When you used to travel in bus, you got angry with him whenever he asked for the change and when few of the auto drivers asked extra fare, you called all of them as looters? At least from now on, will you remember that only he drove you safely even across the river in the road, risking his own life. That security guy in your office, have you ever spent a minute with him or have even cared to notice him while he would be eager to have a word with you? But at least remember this that had he came a minute late, you would have drowned. You called it modernity and civilized by asking the house keeping guy to take coffee to your place and made him wait until you drank it, so that he would take it back. But when you were stranded without anything, will you remember that he is the one who gave you confidence and stood by you. Oh! I forgot, you have to speak only English and other international languages in your offices, right? But how many international men did you see in the rescue place? Once again, you would have parties only in the big hotels, where cost of a single person would feed ten others. I hope the ten days rain would have taught you the value of single loaf of a bread. In the name of modernity, all you are doing is living a fake life, open your eyes, you can change the world, but not the nature. You didn’t go to your office for ten days, but nothing changed except the revenue, but can you imagine what would have happened if these people too stopped their works. At least now, understand that the job they do is as much important as the job you do so respect everyone despite the money they have. These ten days, the nature has taught all of us one thing, that we all were same, and thats the reason we all shared the same food, clothing and shelter. It is how we were intially created, we forget this often and see how nature reminded it to us. You may think yourself to be the God's miraculous creation, but know that others too are made by the same Hands…
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My All Time Favorite Post

A newly married couple asked their grandparents that 
How did they live happily for these many years???
The couple replied, 
"When we got married, we decided that we would remain as lovers in the nights and as best friends in the days. So that when we quarrelled as lovers in the night, the next day we complained about it to our best friends. Our best friends solved our problems and that our fight last only for a night."
Best couples are those who are lovers as well as the best friends.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

It Is Raining Beautifully...

It is raining beautifully outside and your window seat in the train makes you feel heavenly. You don't want this journey to end soon and don't want to get down at your stop. Your heart wants to enjoy the rain and travel more but your mind is occupied with getting late to the office. Now what do you earn ultimately in your daily job? Illusions called comfort and happiness through money. Everyone falls for beauty and so does you. You get attracted towards a person but they feel annoyed. It is same like the rain that comes with love but annoyed humans ignoring it with an umbrella. Now what you get and what you give ultimately by your love feeling? Illusions called pain and sadness. When you know these happiness or sadness is your own illusions, the only thing matters in your life is your own way of creating these illusions by yourself for yourself. Yes none goes unlucky by having a fat physique, pimpled face or a bald head. If you smile and if you can make people smile then people is going to love you note than those beautiful people who irritates with their boring sadness. But sometimes these logics won't suit for the logic-less life and there will be always someone who will yearn for your presence and other one who will make you feel less important. It doesn't matter whether you are beautiful, rich and famous or ugly, dumb and boring. What matters to you is what you felt and how you felt on every little and big things of life be it drinking your favourite coffee in a drizzling monsoon or being lonely in the terrace of a stars filled night. What your life matters to others is how you made them to feel be it a person who broke your heart forever or a stranger who asked you for time.

One Sided Love...

One sided love is a nightmare that steals your sleep forever. Sometimes its the foolish type of love. Because one sided lovers are those who water the plant everyday even when they know that the plant will never flower. I'm also another one sided lover love for you is complete... It maybe that I got to love only a few photographs of you till the end but I loved truly because my love has been unconditional even though it is onesided ...


When I Started To Love You...

When I started to love you, I know that I believed too hard that I would get you. Also I know that I also had a little belief that I would stop loving you, if I don't get you. I loved you but didn't you. I was in love with you even after that. Has my love succeeded or failed. I understood that I would never know. But then I realized success or failure wouldn't matter anymore as loving you have become my habit. 
I sometimes wish love happened with someone other than you so that I would have been just a friend to you... If it had then I wouldn't have worried for your happiness or sadness too much. But you happened to be my first love. My first failure too. I wasn't able to come near or hold you by saying my love... It was at that phase I saw our lives drifting in Different directions. I don't know what you felt when I expressed my love. Perhaps, I believe that I had made you to realize that you are important. I want you to live with that feeling till the end. Honey you are a very important soul if not to anyone then at least to me. Remember this forever and if you feel down in your life at anytime think of how much I longed to live with you and how much your life meant to me. Know that if you are living your life happily, I will also be happy somewhere believing that it was my loving you and my letting you go which makes you happy.
It was only the fault of destiny of why I didn't get you. And I believe that this must be good for both of us. With this belief, I wouldn't regret missing you. If you are going to be happier in your life than if you were with me, I could easily accept why I didn't get you. Honey as your lover I had asked many things to for myself but you couldn't. But there is one thing I am asking to you to do for yourself. Make yourself as much happy as possible and live a beautiful life. When you are sad by some reason, only that time I will worry to the most of why I didn't get you...


It Just Happened With YOU…

I Love You But You Love Another,
Though This Is Painful, I Accept It.
Because, Though The Moon Revolves Around The Earth, 
The Earth Instead Revolves Only Around The Sun.
It Is The Law Of Nature, Fate Of Love And Game Of God.
What Is Love In My Life?
Maybe A Thirst That Remain Unsatisfied.
Maybe A Regret I Had To Suffer Lifelong.
Maybe A Mystery That Is Unsolved.
Maybe A Dream That Never Came True.
Whatever Maybe, I Feel Happy,
When I Realize That I Too Had Fallen In Love,
And My Happiness Doubles When I Understand,
It Just Happened With YOU…


Soon You Will Marry Someone...

Soon You Will Marry Someone,
You Will Become His Beautiful Wife,
Then I Won't Be Having Any Rights To Live With You.
Someday You Will Become A Mother Of Wonderful Kids,
Then I Won't Be Having Any Rights To Love You,
But Until My Memories Has Your Lovable Image,
You Will Remain As The Same Girl I Loved,
Until You Remain As The Same Girl I Loved.
I Will Remain As Your Same Well-Wisher That I Used To Be,
Maybe You Never Care, Maybe You Never Know.
Maybe It Hurts...
But In A Way This Too Is A Happy Ending.

More Than My Friend And Less Than My Lover…

I Could Never Explain What You Are To Me And What I Am To You…
You Are More Than My Friend And Less Than My Lover…
But There Are Many Times You Have Been My Everything…
I Know The Reason Why You Don’t Contact Me And Also Don’t Allow Me To Be In Touch With You...
It’s Because We Know We Can’t Be Together Forever… 
And That’s Why We Weren’t Really Together Before Too…
You Know Me Well, Now Know This Too
Although We Could Not Contact Each Other A Lot,
Till Every Word You Shared With Me,
Till Every Second Of Our Chat, 
Till Every Spilling Of Love You Offered Me,
Till Every Drop Of Greatness You Bestowed Me,
All Together Remain In My Mind As Golden Mom
You Will Be There In My Life And In My Heart As,
The Sweetest Girl I Ever Had In My Life.
Girlie, You Say There Should Be No Thanks,
And Sorry In Between Us,
But There Is No Way,
I Could Ever Make You Feel My Gratefulness.

I Am Very Happy, For Your Presence, Which Has Made My Life Beautiful,
So Tons Of Thanks For Coming Into My Life.
NO Matter What You Have Left, And What You Have Taken…
Because The Place You Stayed Is Finally Blessed…
Though We Are Far Apart,
Every Day I Want To Be,
One Of The Reasons, Of Your Happiness,
So That I Can Find, My Own Happiness In It, By The End Of My Day.
I Know I Will Be Making You Happy Someway As The Way You Do
Wherever You Might Be, Whoever Might Be Holding You And Whatever Might Be Going On In Your Life
There Is Only One Thing I Wanted To Say
Just Take Care Of Yourself Properly,
Because It Includes A Part Of My Own Too.

What Is Falling In Love?

I will tell you what is meant by falling in love but before that I will tell about the story of old frog and lotus leaf... There in a pond lived a frog and it always tried to move up on a tree but it fell every time. And every time it fell, there was this lotus leaf that held it safely in its arms... The frog got aged but it kept on trying and falling... It was never afraid to try coz it knew that the lotus leaf is there to catch him when it falls... Honey we are like frogs and in our lives we always try to go above and achieve something. But most of the times we fall halfway through our target. Many might laugh at us. Perhaps, like the leaf of a lotus if there is one person, who will open their lap to hold you in their arms and knowing this if you fall with confidence it is called 'Falling in love...' Only when you fall for a person you are falling in love else you are falling away from love...


An Imperfect Life Partner

He always used to irritate me while eating. I would have told him a thousand times to eat decently. Perhaps, he wouldn’t mind. He would chew his food crunchily and often some pellets of rice would be sticking to his mouth. I hated that in him. One day at McDonald’s, I got mad at him, when the ketchup stuck to his chin and that’s when we quarrelled for the first time. I hated these kinds of faults in him more than I loved his perfections. We didn’t know each other before we married. We were so faithful to our parents or maybe a love story didn’t have a chance to be in our lives. We were arranged married couples. We got married two months before. I remember the day, when he saw me for the first time. He was so happy, without minding anything. It looked like neither I nor marriage seemed to be his life changing process, but just another normal activity. I had my own dreams on marriage but those were my pipe dreams, as I wanted to marry only a famous celebrity. I loved collecting the photos of Titanic Hero to all Bollywood stars and dreamed one day I would marry one of them. Perhaps, real life and dreams run in different tracks, a hard lesson I learned in my life. I was very disappointed to see a man, who was not serious about his marriage. But then he said he wanted to talk with me personally. We went outside of our house. Wishing that he would say me a NO, I asked him, 
“Will you…” But before I could complete, he completed, “Marry me…?”
I nodded my head, since that moment he appeared to be cute, but then I wished he should have appeared a little cuter as well. I didn’t fall in love with him or such and so does he. We just wanted to end our loneliness, by sharing it with someone another. In real lives, romance is often an ever flying bird; it rarely remains in our hands. Perhaps, I thought I might be his Titanic Heroine and that’s why he asked will I marry him. 
And still I couldn’t love him, though sometimes I felt he deserved to be loved. He didn’t have bad habits nor he told any lies perhaps, things he did, often made me to feel that there was nothing wrong to hate him. He had so much imperfections and faults. Then one day I was feeling sick. It was in the midnight and I was feeling thirsty to drink water, but I felt so tired to get up and move to the kitchen to drink water. Then he switched on the lights and woke me up. He was having a glass full of hot water and compelled me to drink and have the tablets, which rested with his hands and then lie down. After I had the tablets, he didn’t say a word, switched off the lights and lied near me. The next morning my health was okay and I noticed that I had slept too late. When I woke up, he got ready for his office and said he would order the food for me. He shouted at me of why I was being careless with my health and asked me to take rest for the whole day. 
In that following night we were eating Chapattis. The same way, he crunched his food with an irritating sound without minding anything. Still like a primary kid, the gravy stuck in his lips. This time it didn’t irritate me and make me to hate him. This time, I felt, I should love his imperfections more than I love his perfections. When I was sick, I understood we need people to love us more when we are not capable; we need love when we are in odds; we need people to love our faults more than our perfections. After all anyone could love our perfectness but only a special one could love us fully, love our imperfections especially. Only that special person could be our valentine and eventually our soul mate. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t want to bring up a fight with this little issue and hurt him and myself eventually. By the time I was watching his childish activities; he took the chapattis from my plate and went to watch television. We sometimes fight, argue and hate but what my heart knew

is that he was the one who loves my imperfections and faults, and someday when I became old and feeble, I know he will hold on to me. The same way I know he too believes the same about me.

I Loved Her, She Left Me...

I Said, I Wanted To Live With Her.
She Remained Silent.
I Messaged Her.
She Didn’t Reply.
I Called Her.
She Didn’t Attend
I Followed Her.
She Ignored Me.
I Started Caring.
She Didn’t Mind.
I Loved Her.
She Left Me.

(Then Later Some Days.)
I Ignored Her.
She Said, She Wanted To Live With Me.
I Remained Silent.
She Messaged Me.
I Didn’t Reply.
She Called Me.
I Didn’t Attend.
She Followed Me.
I Didn’t Mind.
She Started Caring For Me.
I Left Her.
She Loved Me.

My Last Wish...

I Do Have One Wish That I Should Die At Least A Minute Before You Get Yours Death Call.
Because, On That Moment When You Come To Know About My Absence,
I Believe, You Will Feel Missing Something That Has Always Been Yours,
But You Failed To Notice.
You Will Feel Like Missing An Unconditional Love, Which Always Came Seeking Your Door, But You Never Took In.
It Was At That Little Moment Honey, I Know You Will Really Miss Me...   

Lettter By A Lost Lover...

You had chosen your own life in which there was no place for me and I was forced to choose some other though you were filled in it. We are all humans, up to some point of time I was going to live with the regret that I missed you as I loved you much. You at some point of time might be worrying that you missed me because you never understood my love. Kind girl, when you come across that stage, just step out of your house and smell the fragrance of a sweet rose and understand that you are the same fragrance of my life. You went away from me and I let you go because I believed that I had more than enough of you within myself. How much farther you may go away you still connect with me and you still bring loveliness into my life. Yes my stupid girl, if you want to do something good for the one who loved you so much, just remain happy because that's what all I ever wanted...

Gift of Love... #MyFavStory

They were in relationship for eight years. They always fought and argued with each other and it is mostly her mother who solved their fights. Yes their relationship was known to both of their families and they have given consent to their marriage once they get settled in their life. How much ever intense the fight maybe, he never failed to keep her happy on her birthday. And whatever the situation of his life maybe he always found a way to be with her on her birthday. For her every birthday, he gave a surprise gift to her which she would never have imagined of. It was like he thought for this whole year to make that one day, her birthday very special. The week of her birthday was the real Valentines eve to them. She would beg him to know what her birthday gift was but he would say,
"You are a girl fond of surprises and as your lover it is my duty to make those surprises in your life to last long as possible..."
He was actually an adopted son and he never know what his real birthday was and that's why his another half's birthday meant so much to him. She often said that he should also be born in the same day she had born as they were born for each other. She would also gift him in her birthday.
One time, he took her to Kashmir for a ten days trip. She forgot her birthday in that excitement and in the middle of a snow mountain, he had arranged a cake-cut for her. She called it as the best day she ever had in her life. And that was her first birthday, he together celebrated with her. Though he surprised her on all the other six birthdays of her, he couldn't make them so special like the first one. They together were always happy but that he was naturally a short tempered guy. He was straight forward and too daring in his actions. This resulted in the egoistic fights between these two often. It has been two weeks since they contacted each other after their last fight.
Now he doesn't want to call her because she is not calling him.
Her birthday week arrived but he wasn't calling her still. She felt there must be something wrong with him. She went to his home. He behaved rudely and asked her not to come and see him again. The next day she went to his room when he was not there.
In the evening when he returned, he was shocked to see her sitting in his room and sobbing.
Seeing her, he shouted,
"What's this new drama? I have told you clearly not to come to see me again..."
He went to chuck her out of his room.
Taking his medical reports in her hands, she told,
"Bacha, don't hide anything from me. Please tell me the truth... I have searched in net.. As mentioned in your reports, your liver is damaged and you are in your last days.. I know you better and I know why you are doing this to me now... " she sobbed uncontrollably.
After being silent for a minute, he cried then put his arms around her and told,
“I am sorry,”
“For what? For dying soon like this?” she told back and started to wipe his tears...
"I am not going to go anywhere away from you from this moment on wards... "
For the whole next three days, she remained with him. She researched about his disease to find a possibility of saving him but she couldn't find any. The day after tomorrow was her birthday and this time she wanted to gift him something special.
She remembered the day with him on the Jenny's club. There had been a historically old piano and he almost begged with them to play it once but those authorities refused it. And this time she decided to buy it of whatever price it might take... Loosing her jewels, she was able to buy it for him and she kept this as a secret. Her birthday arrived and it was morning ten o’clock and she was expecting her gift (Piano) from the parcel. Meanwhile, she was worried of where he had gone without informing her. He had also kept his phone in the room itself.
Calling bell rang. She rushed to the door. It was him. He had roses in his hand and he hugged her tightly in the instant she opened the doors.
He told, "Mosakutti, I am going to tell you the happiest news ... Guess what ?"
"A happy news... Will you tell me that you are not going to leave me soon..?" She told with a tickled tear.
He jumped in excitement and told,
"The doctor told that my reports have been inter-changed with another and he mistakenly told me that I was suffering from liver clonisis. My reports are clean.”
She was excited with cheerfulness and told, “God has saved me from hell at last.” and cried with happiness.
"What to say a girl? You tell a sad news she cries... And she cries for happiness too..."
"Shut up! Loosu!!" she hugged him.
Then after the end of all the arguments, he told her, “Happy birthday my janu!!”
It was the happiest day of her life. She took him to the temple. She told him, "This is my best birthday, the best day of my whole life..."
Then her birthday gift arrived in the afternoon and he played all his music for her and they were very happy together. They told each other that they would never be egoistic with each oth

er or fight with each other and remain apart. He told she should be always strong and remain happy. They now realized that one must be gifted to be together with their loved ones and not everyone is blessed with that.
A week later when she woke up, she was shattered. He wasn't going to woke up forever. He had died in sleep.
Ranveer, the doctor, who medicated him came to the funeral. He worried and said,
“I called him two days before and warned him to come for the operation. He said he was going to another clinic and they are medicating him. Which clinic does you took him to?”
She explained the things he had told her on her birthday.
"The operation would have saved him another three months,” The doctor expressed his concern and he told that he didn't understand why he had lied to her like this. Perhaps, she knew why he had lied to her. It was merely his last birthday gift to see her happiest on her birthday.

Falling In Love...

Love Didn't Ask Me To Choose You,
I Chose You.
You Didn't Ask Me To Love You,
I Loved You.
You Are Not Very Happy With My One Sided Love,
And For Me Love, Is Not A Happy Thing Without You.
Perhaps, We Are Not Going To Live Forever.
Our Lives Are Short So, We Shall Make Everything Simple.
It Is So True That You Are The Most Awesome Girl I Ever Met,
So, You Be Happy With The One You Have Chosen.
Love Is The Most Awesome Feeling That Ever Happened,
So, Let Love Shall Happen To Me Once Again.
And This Time Love Will Be,
With Someone Who Will Love Me Back.
If It Doesn’t I Wouldn’t Mind Falling In Love Once More

For I Know Falling In Love Is Like Learning A Bicycle,
First Time, Mostly We Will Fall Down And Hurt Ourselves.
But If We Are Afraid To Try Once Again,
Then We Have To Walk Lonely Throughout Life.

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A newly married couple asked their grandparents of how did they live happily for these many years???

The couple replied, "When we got married, we decided that we would remain as lovers in the nights and as best friends in the days. So that when we quarrelled as lovers in the night, the next day we complained about it to our best friends. Our best friends solved our problems and that our fight last only for a night."
Best couples are those who are lovers as well as the best friends.


She hated smokers. He couldn't live without cigarettes. But he never smoked when he was with her. He hated going out. She loved shopping. Being with him in the same room, she ordered clothes online. He loved reading and spending time usefully, she loved to kill time with long phone conversations. He was short tempered but forgave shortly. She never got angry but things once done is forever done for her. He wanted to follow his passion and live a meaningful life. She wanted to earn money and live a comfortable life. They were the keys of the piano. She was white and he was black. They were just the opposite. But together they were the beautiful music. It was until they made adjustments in the name of love. Soon they forgot to understand each other and they started playing it wrong. When the harmonies are lost, the music had gone.
After three months of their break up, she never attended his call. But that day she called him by herself and told she wanted to meet him in their routine. He reached the place, three hours before with a pack of cigarette. He knew he needed at least one full pack for three hours. But while waiting for her, he decided that he was going to leave one bad thing as one good thing that gone away from him, returns back to his life. He didn't open the pack. He wanted to throw away the pack in front of her and tell her that he had quit smoking for her. He wanted to see that happiness in her face. He took the cigarette pack and kept it in his hands. She arrived with a card in her hand.
"It will never work in between us. I am going to marry him," she gave him her marriage invitation.
He stood there shocked. His eyes watered.
Stretching the wedding card, she told,
"But we will still be good friends..."
He then opened his pack and lit a cigarette.
Smoking it, he came near her and told, "Why it didn't work and why it will never work in between us is that we could never really be true friends..."


It was said that a bride should keep her head down. She feels good about it else everyone will know that she is crying without shedding tears. Groom comes to sit near her. There is so much of happiness in his face like he is marrying the best girl of the world. But how could she tell him that her heart was already occupied by the thoughts of another? The moment she looks at her groom's happy face, she feels cracked inside. She knew she is going to betray her happiness she ought to share it with him. How could she; when her lover had already taken her happiness with his tears... Her groom then soon keeps Bindhi in her forehead... Will he know that it was where her lover kissed her first? With a rise in music, he finally ties the auspicious thread in her neck. Now she realizes that everything has come to an end. That thread has cut off every memory of her past life. When the drama called her marriage came to an end, she sees a long car standing in front to take her to her Sajan's house. But that long car wouldn't comfort her as she couldn't leave behind the memories of the days she went ride in her lover's bike. When her own parents didn't understand her, it is her lover who paved a life for her by allowing her to chose the only option she had when every dream she had with him flew somewhere. He appears as the God to her, but she tells herself that she shouldn't spoil the life of the one who married her. She believes that she would forget everything and start loving him as time goes like the way her parents have told. And then she sees her father. He is so happy that her daughter had at last married the man of his choice and made him to be respected by the society. Despite his happiness he feels a little sad of hurting his daughter but he believes that he has done the best to her. Though she is angry at her father, she couldn't stop herself from hugging him. She hugs him and cries. In her tears, she asks why he had cheated her. When he stood as an obstacle of wall to her love, she knew she is strong enough to fly over it and reach the hands of her lover. But what objected her is the fear that the obstacle would be shattered into pieces if she flies over.
After all these she finally remembers about him, her lover. He had promised her that he 

would come to her marriage. Where he is. Her eyes search for him. In the midst of the relatives, she sees him standing at a distance. He stands there smiling at her as he wants her to smile at him too. She nods her head at him asking without asking that is it okay that she is now leaving him forever. He signals in his eyes saying without saying that she should stop her tears now. She prays to God to give an angel to his loving heart soon. Even an Angel should be blessed to live with him. Among all, he is the one who had lost much but his pain no one will know. Because to no one he will show. As for him others' happiness matters more than his own. And so, he handles it with a smile...
Soon everyone departs and marriage hall now just has empty chairs. Sitting in one of the chairs, he looks at the hall. He wonders how a single day has taken all the good things he is blessed in his life... He knew people are going to pity him and think him as a loser. His own friends are going to scold his lover as a cheater. But he would not allow it. For only he knew who the cheaters are. They are those who kill love in the name of religion, caste, creed, status etc... Then at a distance, he sees two love birds in a nest. He prays to God that in his next life, he wanted to be born as a bird. So that when love of his life wants to come flying into his nest, no cheap minds of human will stand as an obstacle...

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Letter By A Passionate Lover...

Don’t be sad that we had to live separately though our memories and dreams live together. Not only love, certain other things were also important and indispensable to lead a better life. I was angry when you thought to explain this to me. As you said we have responsibilities in our lives, we were born not only to play the role of a lover but also the roles of a child, spouse, parent, etc…
Do you remember, we used to talk daily continuously for hours in the phone. And we felt so hard to spend a single day without talking to each other. Perhaps, during the nights before our exams we never spoke to each other because we know that the day lying ahead was more important and much responsible. We understood it clearly and never tried to talk in our phones until we completed our exams well.
The same principle goes with our lives too. You have to marry some other and so was I because we had to play the roles of a child well. As decided before neither I nor you was interested to hurt our parents’ feelings though they never tried to understand ours. We were now in a critical stage to take a witty decision, which would never ruin our lives.
I say my girl, the years lying ahead was much important to us than those we spent together and so you and I have to be more responsible. You had to play well the role of a good daughter, affectionate spouse and a wonderful mother. Let us stay apart until we finish our responsibilities well. And our relations and we were satisfied with our lives spent together with them.
May be after thirty or forty years later, when we have lived almost of our lives with our spouse, caring for them and with our kids, nurturing them as men …we would be finally free from all our responsibilities. Yes, I hope on our later part of our lives, when our kids and grand children grown up as men would advice us rather than obeying us, no one other than our spouse might really care about us. When nothing counts and nothing matters, the one I married and I would be waiting for you and your spouse to spend our left out times in a bench on a shore or by going for a walk in a road or in some other peaceful place. I hope, we would be having a heavy bundle of stories and an unbearable bunch of memories to be shared. You and I if get that lucky chance we shall share about this day, the before days and days lying aftermath our marriage. So don’t worry go happily for the day of your marriage and live a happy life and leave a shine of it on everyplace you go. Keep in mind that you had played the role of a lover in an excellent way and I hope you would play others role also well. I order you that you should be only saying beautiful stories compiled with fun and happiness on the day we would meet after all our hairs have gone grey and our mouth had lost its teeth. So you have to live a beautiful life at least for that.
You always say that I was the one who understands you better. And as you believe, I could understand that how much you were hurt now, for being forced to live with another other than me. The same goes with me too, and I could accept all these and I trust you would also. It was all OKAY my girl that you are marrying someone other than me…
Wish you a happy Married life!!

Secret and You...

We have been a friends for a long time, until that special day arrived. It was the Valentine's day. When the people were busy partying, she dragged me to library, where we spent our whole day. In the night, we were sitting outside, in the long steps, watching the moonlight. It was getting late and I was expecting that she was going to tell that it was getting late for her. But it seemed she liked to stay with me that day as didn't tell anything and silence didn't bother us nor tell us that we should go home and do something other better. Then looking into her eyes, I asked her, "I am going to tell you a secret, will you keep it safe?"
Yes, she said coming my nearer to me.
I whispered the secret in her ears and asked, "How will you keep it safe?"
"I will keep this secret safely like the twinkle in your eyes, just the way, the sky keeps the stars safe..."
"Nana... What's the secret you whispered in our nanny's ears?" his granddaughter asked him after listening to his story keenly...
"Me...," he told her.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

And Then It Rained...

It Was About To Rain And I Was Running Away...
As, I Hated Those Little Glasses Flowing Down The Sky
There Was A Thunder In The Sky, It Was Rain...
There Was A Sudden Lightning In My Heart, It Was You...
In That Bus Stop, I Saw You With That Red Umbrella,
It Appeared As If A Lotus Came Out Of The Pond...
In That Shivering Rain, You Blossomed As A Spring Rose
And I Withered As Autumn Leaves...
In The Moment You Patted Your Eyes At Me...
Love Rain Flooded My Deserted Heart
And I Stood There Wondering Who You Are...
In Less Than A Minute, You Moved Away...
Rain Lasted In The Sky For Some More Minutes...
But In My Heart Forever...
It Was Only On The Next Day I Realized,
I Have Waited My Whole Life Only To Meet You In That Moment…
It Was One Rainy Day I Saw You For The First Time,
It Was Also The Last Time I Saw You...
It Was The Only Time I Ever Saw You...
But Since Then When It Rains, I Wish, "Won’t I See You This Time..."
And When It Doesn't, I Just Wish When It Would Rain...


A Chocolate Love Story...

I Tried Conveying My Wish Since The Day I Saw You In School But,
Every Time I Came Near You, Words In My Mind, I Just Forgot
Two Years Passed Like This Since The Day We Had Met...
And Just Like That, I Proposed You One Day With A CHOCOLATE...

You Remained Silent, I Waited For You To Say Me A Yes,
When You Smiled, I Saw That Sudden Glitter In Your Eyes
Even I Smiled, Then You Started Eating My CHOCOLATE...
When I Stood There Confused, You Fed Me A Part Of It...

In This Way Our CHOCOLATE Story Of Love Started
Then After, Not Even Once We Parted
But One Day I Made You So Late,
Because Of Which We Fought

Remember The Next Day We Promised We Wouldn't Fight Again..
Not Only Our Eyes, Even The Sky Started To Rain
And That’s The Last Time We Ever Fought
As Then After We Solved Our Ego With A Kiss And A CHOCOLATE..

One Day You Entered The House As My Sweetest Wife,
Since Then You Became The CHOCOLATE Of My Life
We Celebrated All Our Days,
In A Thousand Splendid Ways...

Every Time By Eating A CHOCOLATE Together,
We Spent Fifty Valentine's Day Altogether
In Our Fairy Tale, In Our Pleasant Lives, A Thunder Struck,
When Doctors Told, You Are Incurably Sick,

It Was One Beautiful Night..
You Were There As My Burning Light...
You Pressed My Hands With A CHOCOLATE And Gave Your Last Smile
Leaving Beautiful Memories, You Left My Life All In A While...

I Survived Your Loss But Not Your Memory,
Though I Tried, I Couldn’t Get Away From This Misery
But Knowing How Much You Wanted My CHOCOLATE Smile...
I Took Heart And Crossed The Toughest Mile...

Here I Am, Celebrating The First Lonely Day Of Valentine's
Early Morning, I Bought All Your Favorite CHOCOLATES
Then Went To Our School, And Gave Those To A Girl With Your Name
She Looked Just Like You, So Against My Wish, Tears Just Came..

Kissing Her In The Forehead, I Came Back To Our House...
Sitting In Our Garden Bench, Our Happy Days' Memories Arouse...
When I Remembered, How Much Happy You Used To Be...
Just To Share A CHOCOLATE With Me...


If My Love Is True...

In One Night, I Had A Dream In Which
The Moon Arrived And A Red Rose Blossomed...
The Same Way In The Next Day,
When I Saw Your Moonlit Eyes, My Heart Rose Blossomed...

In The Next Night’s Dream
The Rose Waited For Rain, But Rain Didn't Come
The Same Way In The Next Day,
My Heart Waited For Your Stare, But It Didn’t Get It

In The Next Night’s Dream
The Rose Started To Wither And Sky Didn't Rain Because Of This...
The Same Way In The Next Day,
I Felt The Pain In Love And You Didn't Love Me Because Of This...

In The Next Night’s Dream
The Storm Arrived And Butterflies Rested In The Rose Flew Away...
The Same Way In The Next Day,
Your Hurtful Memories Arrived, And The Sleep Rested In My Eyes Flew Away...

In The Next Night’s Dream
You Said, “If Love Is True, Then Stars Withering From
The Loving Sky Would Not Allow The Rose To Wither…”
The Same Way In The Next Day,
I Understood, Tears Withering From
My Loving Eyes Wouldn’t Allow My Heart Rose To Wither

Because I Know My Love Is True…


When It Rains...

It Was One Friday…
You Moved Away From Me…
My Heart Drowned …
I Walked Slowly Wishing You Would Come To Me Again
The Sky Became Dark Just Like My Life…
And Then It Rained,
I Got Drenched.
Days Later, Even Rain Wasn’t There To Wipe Out My Tears…
Every Day I Missed You…
I Wish I Wasn’t Cursed This Much To Miss You In All The Possible Ways
Sitting Here I Wonder, “Is There A Possible Way To Make You To Miss Me…”
Tears Came In My Eyes,
When I Thought About You…
I Looked On To The Sky It Became Dark,
And Then It Rained...
Whenever It Rains I Just Think About You…
And It Rains Somewhere Because I Am Thinking About You…


But Then You Happened…

I Used To Sit In The Park Bench For A Longer Time,
I Waited For The Trains One After Another,
I Roamed In The Same Street Again And Again,
Wondering If I Could Get In My Life Once Again…?
I Failed Everyday...
But Then You Happened…

Her Image In My Eyes Hurt Me More And More…
I Hurt My Heart With Her Memories Day By Day…
I Wet My Pillow With My Tears Night And Night...
Thinking About Her, I Decayed With Time…
Wondering If I Could Get Over Her Ever In Life…?
I Lost My Hopes Totally
But Then You Happened…

I Remember The Day You Told Me,
Lungs Are So Sweet…
Please Take Care Of It.
And Don’t Spoil It With A Toxic Cigarette…”
How Much You Used To Care Me That
You Insisted, “A Cigarette And A Rose Price The Same
So, Buy Me A Rose Instead Of Buying You A Cigarette.
I Will Count The Roses To Know How Much Love Me…”
I Thought Nothing Could Be Addictive More Than A Cigarette
But Then You Happened…

Day By Day I Reduced A Cigarette To Buy You A Red Rose…
When Your Love Increased,
I Reduced Smoking To Buy You Roses…
That Day, When I Quit Smoking, I Came With A Basket Of Roses To See You…
Only To Know That This Girl With A Beautiful Heart,
Has Cancer In Her Lungs…
Crying For You, I Remembered The Day I First Met You…
How You Came Into My Life Was My Beautiful Love Story.
It Was One Rainy Day, Escaping From The Rain,
I Moved To A Bus Stop And Lighted A Cigarette
A Girl With A Welcoming Smile Asked Me To Put It Off
It Would Have Been Just Another Normal Day In My Life
But Then You Happened…

Unable To Buy You Roses, Which Would Count My Infinite Love…
I Placed Your Grave In This Beautiful Rose Garden I Built For You…
This Is My Love Story Of How A Girl Protected My Lungs Only To Damage My Heart Forever…
With Your Priceless Memories, I Could Pass My Times
But Looking Forward I Feel I Couldn’t Go On In My Life…
But While Looking Back, I Knew How I Once Foolishly Felt The Same
But Then You Happened…