Friday, August 29, 2014


Their relationship started from strangers to friends and then to lovers. Now they both are more intimate like a married couple. They are South Indians and they made a trip to Kashmir as it was their long term wish. In the hotel room, he wrote names of hundred songs and asked her to select fifty of her favourite songs from it. The next day morning, he asked her to call and tell her parents that her phone would be switched off for the whole day. He called and told the same to his parents too. Food, he ordered reached, his room. Locking every thing in a locker, he just took his I pod, a bed sheet and the food. They both left the room while she was in a surprise to know what he was planning. He took her to a valley. The place was quite without any people. Under a Chinar tree, he spread the blanket. 
And then he told,
"For this whole day, there is not going to be anyone other. Its only you and I, under this Chinar tree..."
For the whole morning, she remained as his child that she lied in his lap talking about her happiness. Then they started to play their favourite songs and sang together with those. He played, "Yeh dil deewana hai" again and again as it was the most favourite of both. He got this idea only while hearing this song. Then in the afternoon, he remained as her child and he slept in her lap without speaking anything. Their favourite songs provided a perfect background music to their moments of love. Soon, he slept, and a leaf from the tree fell on his face. She took it. 

Soon after six months when she was in the treatment of cancer, she told him that she wanted a day like that of one under that Kashmir's Chinar tree again. They asked both of their parents to remain outside and come to them only in case of urgency. Locking the room, he pulled another bed near hers and started playing their favourite songs. Now they both were each other's child again. They both didn't speak much; silence accompanied them lovingly, as the way love accompanied them silently. 
She passed away in next month. In her diary that she had left for him, every page was written by her except one. And that page contained a Chinar leaf stuck to it....