Sunday, March 16, 2014


This is me… A random someone in this world, who believes the whole is sometimes under his control… A stupid dreamer who thinks he is best person ever born in this world and his life is the worthiest of all…. Has craze for beautiful women, especially those milk white North Indians,but always wanted to marry one and get a good family life… Could speak Hindi, masters English in writing, lacks the same in speaking… Tamil is where I belong. but I don’t have any pride of it indeed… Its like another language to him.. Has no patriotism,  but believes in humanity, love all… Doesn't have beliefs in God and their stories, but a vegetarian, trying to follow Buddhism in his future… A lover of movies, especially Hollywood movies and once in blue moon reads some books….  Lives his life crazily, lives one half fullest the other for his dreams…  Wants to travel places, but hates taking pictures… Loves eating, doesn't want to waste food, and never complains of taste… Loves animals, esp, Alsacers, cow, monkeys and Tweety of Tom and Jerry… Never blames relations but understands them…Wants to live his school life once again and want to see his girl instead of being good, studying lot and getting marks…. Doesn't want to age,but wants recognition he deserves… And doesnt want to be in pain… Facebook is his another life, but truly creating masterpieces is his only aim… Has very very high hopes and aims and wishes to attain them all just like that… A writer of course, who writes everyday…. Who believes has written best of what no one other on this Earth ever has… Knows emotions well and how to impress someone with his love… Too much lovable in his soul and its written in the Sun that he is gonna love his wife and his children like anything… Would gift her often, never fight with her, treat her like a queen.. and be a role model for his children and offer them freedom, he has dreams to drink with his wife and children and dance to the songs of Katie Perry… Deep inside his heart, he is still a kid… struggling to face reality after a heart broke, with his first unrequited love… His rosy face has pimples in face, but he hardly cares for it… Has thick black hair in head, hardly combs it… Has a tall well built body, but without muscling, now has beer belly… A squint eyed moron… with broad mind… Has wonderful parents and takes well care of them… His elder brother is indeed his younger brother, that his brother respects his words a lot… Had now got an excellent sister in law….A lover of life, soulful lover of a girl, and an ordinary man who will be most famous someday…. Has loyal friends, and wicked enemies… Amazed everyone with his twelfth marks, and depressed them later in his Aeronautical Engineering results… Then going on in the path he wants and one day he will rock the whole movie and writing industry with his silver screen movies and  cutting edge novels… Presently works as an Editor in a company after quitting his job in glamorous salaried white collar Cognizant job, just because of the fact that it tried to fuck him in a wrong place… He waits for the death sometimes, feeling too much uncomfortable to live in this world… when he imagines his girl going to get married with another… A twenty four aged man who desperately wanted his first love,… if not another beautiful mother of his children who would wipe out the pain in his heart…. More than all this is a genuine heart expecting the recognition for the creations, it deserves…. Loves himself for his lovable heart and creative mind he got from God… He can do anything except hurt someone unwanted… Would run a mile if you utter word, ‘Snake..’. A man who lives with principles and one day gonna die as an incredible artist with tears and applause… Don’t miss me to add you as your friend, else its going to be your own loss…
(##These are some of his best photos…)