Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cuckoo - A Raja Murugan Film

When the music plays… Sensitive hearts could see their missing pieces…
  First I would start with the trailer.  When I watched the trailer for the very first time, I was sure that the film got a good story to say and it is surely going to tickle some sensitive places of the heart.  The trailer was aptly edited.  It clarified appropriately that the movie is going to be a two sided love story, thereby allowing us to have a perception that the struggles faced by these love couple was going to be the topic the film is going to speak about.  However, having watched the film soon, of being unable to hold my own assumptions for a long time, let me tell you that film is much more than you can presume about.
  When you enter theatre and it would be only one minute the movie would have unfolded but I can bet you that you would not allow your mind to be distracted on any other thing.  It is because you would have got the assurance that the movie is going to be wonderful when you hear the few consolidated short dialogues during the cast/crew names screening.   The film started at wonderful point, a phase where the protagonist, Tamil’s photo is stuck on the railway platforms belonging to the caption list, ‘Lost-when-you-find-inform’.   The movie train catches the speed at this point. Then the director himself in the role of a Reporter/Ast. Director enters the screen to tell their story, sorry to hear their story.   The movie starts revolving around this two love birds (Cuckoos more precisely) and as movie unfolds scene by scene we find ourselves living with the characters.  The characterization is chiseled in such a fantastic way.  Instead of making only a few persons to be good and others to be evil or the vice versa as in most of Indian films, the movie instead grouped in the categories of movies which would instead tell good and evil things in every person.  Either be it a reporter, or the Chandrababu, in whose troop Tamil is working, Tamil’s friends, members of the troop or the man in van- playing the cupid, and everyone’s different shades was well portrayed relevantly.   With a heart-touching Ilayaraja’s music, which are once again remembered through this movie often, the breath taking heroine, Suthandira kodi enters the screen.   When their love story begins, the feathers start tickling your heart and there are sensible goose-bumps throughout.  The dialogues and skillful acting of everyone (Either be it the sales man, the ‘I will become emotional anna’, the loveable transgender adjusting the talcum in Tamil’s face, Chandrababu, and main characters – (Dinesh & Malavika) & their friends Ilango & Sangeetha, etc.. ) added awesomeness into the movie recipe scene by scene, while the beautiful dialogues (I wish still it could have been more emotional to be better to suit my taste) and well-worked background music ensured that the awesomeness didn’t get spoiled because of them.  When the heroine’s watch rings for the first time, we understand the reason behind the movie’s name and wonder, ‘Is there any role for this too!’.
There is sadness, happiness, humour, sympathy, empathy, compassion, etc but it’s the true and honest love of Tamil and Kodi which matters as a whole.   How much, in a courageous and optimistic manner, these blind people are portrayed! My applauds for the screen-writer for making a difference and telling about their lives in a more realistic way.  Who said blind people are cursed, see their love story, only then you will understand how much blessed they are.  Lucky they are that they are born without eyes, else they would have got lost in finding their missing pieces as the way the people with sight wrongly end up while choosing their missing pieces of heart by foolishly focusing on appearance beauty in most of the cases.  Maybe they feel inferior about themselves and force to accept or maybe they find themselves to be wonderful and they chose each other or maybe some other reason, in some way the hero realizes she was the love of his life straight in the beginning.  And then his heart shatters with the ‘Kalyanama kalyanam’ song sequence, (the lyrics is so powerful that one-side lovers better don’t hear if your heart is weak and sensitive as mine, for it will fetch literal tears from your eyes) but it takes a little more time for Kodi to realize her missing piece.  Then they sense the particular things specifically about each other and by that way they breathe their lives in order to be together with each other.  Every empathetic audience wants their love story to succeed as the way, possessing similar thoughts in their hearts most of the characters in the movie assists these ‘Heart-seeing and feelings hearing’ birds to unite.
‘There is so much beauty in the world’, as the way, ‘American Beauty’ ponders, these retarded people or otherwise left-alone people chose to pen down only the beautiful things they see on the way or maybe they designed their lives to be like such.  The only con I found in this film is a few easily guessable suspense scenes but still the movie as a whole is non-blamable for its well researched script.   ‘Another love story’- this is not the all film is about.  It offers many things we ought to learn from blessed blinds (Whom we prejudice to possess a lot of troubles with their lives, which is untrue.).  Their strength, their approach to life, their optimism and last but not least their true and pure love are qualities of courage itself.   Instead of yearning to be loved with all the abilities, I wish I could better be blind for a perfect love story like this, in short a masterpiece! My gratitude for Raj Murugan & his team for this wonderful film; as well as for my friends for taking me to theatre.  My heart has been touched at some of its sensitive places and the impact of this love’s music (--cuckoo--) will echo for some more days…

Written by #Krishnanena