Monday, February 10, 2014

It Is So Sad That I Didn’t Get You

With Overflowing Love In My Heart, I Come To See You,
But Every Time You Slap Me Away With Your Words.
I Am A Fool Because Every Time You Throw Me At The Wall,
But Like A Tennis Ball I Come Back To Your Hands.
It’s Not Easy For Me to Understand Why I Didn’t Get You…
I Don’t Know How Much You Don’t Want Me,
The Same Way, You Will Never Know How Much I Wanted You
And How Much I Wanted To Make Your Life Beautiful…
It Is So Sad That I Didn’t Get You.
But Hanging On To The Ending Days Of Your Life, You Will Realize,
The Saddest Part Is Not That I didn’t Get You
But That You Didn’t Get Me.