Monday, November 4, 2013


Dear, In Coming Years You Might Remember Me Or
Busy Living Your Life, You May Forget, I Loved You Truly Even When You Didn’t.

Suddenly You Will Get My Remembrance Some Day.
You May Worry, Why This Stupid Loved You Too Much
Even After Knowing He Would Never Get You.
Why Did He Hurt Himself? Is Everything Worthy Of It?
You Will Question, Yourself…

Honey, I Believe On That Day In Your Life,
You Would Be Thinking My Sad Plight For The First Time.
After That I Trust, You Will Wish To See Me
And Know Whether Everything Is Fine In My Life Or Not.

At That Time I, Watching Your Life Unknown To You Will Come To Your Sight
And Smile And Tell You That Everything In My Life Is Going Fine.

Still Hiding The Saddest Truth That Loving You Is Not
The Reason Behind My Tears.
It Is That You Didn’t Love Me Back Which Made My Life Painful.

After You Move Away You Know What I Would Do?
I Will Just Cry Wishing That You Hadn’t Gone Then And You Haven’t Left Me Now.