Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Revathis engagement;-
Kumaravel started seeing alliance for Revathi. Finally they were about to consider Kalyan as her groom.  He was a well built man of Twenty five years.  He owned three lorries, two tractors and he was in some other business too.  Kumaravel well knew that Yuva would be a perfect match to her daughter.  Her sister's family would  take care of her well but when he thought abou the day Yuva came shouting at him, he felt he didnt want  a son-in-law like him.  Chellathal didnt like his decision and she was ashamed of herself for being not able to stand against it.  Kumaravel didnt felt endagering his daughter's life in order to feel satisfied for his revenge.  How Yuva going to react, these nightmares how did they arose.  He thought how sweet Revathi was.  They were breaking a match made in heaven.  He felt his mom wouldnt allow this to happen.  Somewhere deep inside he wished his uncle would not do this to him.  Revathi wouldnt allow this, he felt.  He wished he could stand against it.  He knew he would not, because he couldnt, for he was always his mom's boy.  He couldnt even convey his wish to Revathi, his own mother. What on world he is.  Why he was such a timid? He was such a pure heart didnt want to scratch a relationship glass, he was afraid. he was born to love and didnt worry whether he was loved back or not.  He didnt really love her, but many a times he wished she was her perfect wife and he was her loveable husband.  A perfect daughter-in-law to his family.  A golden daffodil that would never spoil his beautiful garden called his family.  He somewhere things went wrong and no use in lamenting for them now.  Life is all about isnt he felt.  Revathi's engagement process was going on all a busier way.  Kumaravel came to Chellathal to discuss about it.  While she was there in the house, they discussed about the people they needed to invite, dishes to be served in the feast, jewels to be worn by Revathi and all other requirements for her engagement.  Velusamy asserted,
"I think Vijaya should be invited for this engagement.  Somewhere things went wrong and you both fought with each other.  But this all common in a relationship and in every family.  So its better to leave all those things and forgive each other. "
"If you want to say another word about this then get out of my house this minute.  I was about to die on that day she didnt came.  Now applying lipstick to the corpse whats the use."
For the good of all, Velusamy kept quiet.
The same compound in Nallur where three already got married and many other happy functions took place was the venue for bringing golden vibrations into the rhythming life of Revathi.
At last he tried his chance by saying the same to his mom.  Vijya didnt want Revathi to be engaged to someone other, after knowing the fact that her son longs to live with her.  She told him that she would talk with Chellathal and if necessary with Kumaravel too and ensure that his girl was destined to be his always. 
  Yuva and Sri took a journey to Nallur after long years.  Chellathal as planned earlier came to Kali temple.  This three talked for a long time.  Chellathal at corner of her heart felt the sky darkened all these days was getting its vivid rainbow back.  Chellathal this time didnt want to talk the same with Kumaravel.  She instead talked with Velusamy.  Velusamy agreed to Chellathal's words and he spoke with groom's side. 
He told them that there had been some conflicts going on between Kumaravel and his sister and he made the decision in a haste.  They are disgraced though but didnt want to ruin a family because of it.  After the engagement there was no answer from the groom's side.  Velusamy also requested them to keep these things as secret from Kumaravel.