Sunday, May 19, 2013

To My Lovely Daughter!!

I am writing for three years, and I know I will be writing for much more years. I have written about various things. I believed I did write best of mine as far as I could. Some may be good, many may be bad. I didn't care about it. I left it to those who read. I wasn't a recognized writer or a person now. I don't know whether at least someday I would make it up to it or not. But one thing I know for sure that one day you will be reading the write ups of mine. May be in your high school days or may be in your college days you will be interested to read everything I wrote. I believe you will be proud that your father has at least tried for something. Then you will search for everything I have written and who knows you may be worrying that I hadn't written anything for you. It is not like that my pretty, this one is for you. Just for you. I wanted you to tell that I love you more. I started loving you even before you are born. I wanted to bring a bright future for you even before I married your mother. I have given a permanent place for you in my heart even before knowing about the girl I was going to marry. It was all because I believe a part of me loving her truly mixed with my genes would have given birth to a part of her in you. Would you believe that you are resemblance of my first love, which went away from my hands? I learnt how to love from her and I started loving her, but at one time when she was gone I got none to love, so I started loving you dearly even before you came into my life. Love you my angel!!