Sunday, May 26, 2013

Till The Last Breath by Durjoy Datta

 Read this Durjoy's book. As usual it is awesome once again. I wonder how come a guy of 24 or 25 years have successfully written 9 novels, thats mind blowing. Really the gods must be crazy. They gave everything to you I envy. He has given you talent, skill, which you wittily converted into fame and money. You are a millionaire and there are various other reasons why girls go crazy over you and even for your dimples. But I really admire your writing and dedication in it. I have read three of your books and two of them were mind-blowingly fascinating. You know, CB sucks when yours are compared with him. You have an unique writing skill. Many even I criticized you (Earlier) that you just write amateurish erotic stories and got all the fame, But every one who says so sucks, they are blind fuckers they dont notice your beautiful usuage of words, how you keep the story pacing, and more than all an unguessable climax with usually an O henry sort of ending. Hats off!! Before two years I used to message you and you replied my messages but I am sure you would have forgotten all. But all I wanted to say is, as a reader I admire your writing and as a wannabe writer I just envy your appreciable writing. :))))
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