Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

This is the first novella, which I completed reading in .pdf format. This novel flaunting the skills of Ernest Hemingway is an excellent read. This novella created a writing revolution in American Literature and no doubt that it does because of the simplicity, economical usage of words & characters and no narration of unnecessary stories that are apart from the plot. Though in this novella the old man is lonely for most of the time, Hemingway made me to accompany him in the all the moments of troubles, pain, luck and glory. The theme of this novella is so good and like is the narration of the story. Hats off! to the author for choosing vivid theme and locations for narrating the story. It is told that Hemingway revised the novel many times before he published and the perfection in the usage of words to commas substantiates this. But coming to cons of the novella, at times the story is too boring that makes us wonder why this story goes on and on...Leaving those, this novella is so good and inspiring as well that i decided to buy a hard copy of this novella.
The Old Man and the Sea in Goodreads