Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Being read a good novel, "A Walk to Remember" I decided to try another novel of Nicholas Sparks. After going through some of the reviews i read full synopsis and short story of it in some website. This was little inspiring, the hype of this book made me to buy it. At last i bought it, read few pages and kept it safe on the closet for more than months. I tried a lot to complete it, but the first few boring pages impeded my way.

     But when I come across few pages, the excellent twists, flawless editing, fabulous quotations and beautiful narration of the story made me to wield this book oblivious of other things. This book conveys a beautiful love story, which is to be cherished by adopting the same in our lives too. The last few pages of this book are as gripping as if the story is happening to ourselves. And no doubt that few pages of this book will fetch some tears from you as a compliment to the story it conveys you. I really loved this book and decided to read books of this kind. I understood why and how this book has created waves in many hearts. This book is realistic, simple and indeed worth the hype.
   There are only few books which every one will fall in love with and this is one of them. For every loving heart the Notebook is a must read. And moreover the aspiring writers and voracious readers will also be swept off their feet, once they could place their hands on it. After reading this book you will be very much happy and complacent of being read a beautiful love story, that may too close to your future life. The Notebook on Goodreads