Sunday, May 26, 2013

O henry Short Stories

I read few of O Henry's short stories in my high school. Since then he became my favorite writer  His stories has inspired me a lot, I am a kind of writer now and this fame partially belongs to him too. I was swept off by After twenty years and gift of magi.   While reading last leaf I remember I was moved as never before. THOSE WERE NOTHING BUT THE SLICES OF LIFE. THE O HENRY AWARD IS THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS AWARD FOR SHORT FICTION. I BELIEVE HIS WIT IN THE TWISTS AND ENDINGS OF THE STORY DESERVES IT. SO, I DECIDED TO READ HIS STORIES BUT HE HAS INCREDIBLY WRITTEN MORE THAN ONE COULD IMAGINE OF ABOUT 600 STORIES. SO I SEARCHED THROUGH INTERNET AND READ ABOUT some OF HIS FAMOUS STORIES AND EVERYONE TURNED OUT TO BE A MASTERPIECE. Don't miss to read the stories I have mentioned below,

1. The Gift of Magi

2. Last Leaf

3. After Twenty Years

4. The Cop And The Anthem

5. The Ransom For The Red Chief

6. Furnished Room

7. Detective's detector

8. The Pendulum

9. One Dollars Worth
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