Sunday, May 26, 2013

God Delusion Book Review

Contains spoilers and hurting words for theists:-

This book is awesome because it made me to find answers for some of my unanswered questions and have also incited new questions in me…

I will begin with Pascal’s wager—

“You better believe in God because if you are right you stand on to get eternal bliss. If you are wrong it won’t make any difference. On the other hand if you don’t believe in god and you turn out to be wrong then you get eternal damnation.” It’s all ok but don’t we become fools when we believe in things that do not exist or even never been.

How come I would be able to believe that there is someone with four faces, the Brahma, the blue man Krishna and most incredible Shiva, it’s so funny that he has Ganges in his head… Similarly how come I would be able to believe that there is a man who was born to a virgin and so on stories the book hilariously described…

I strongly believe that these stories were fantasy stories told to the kids very long ago. Who knows centuries later Harry porter might be worshiped as a god… How can I be so rude on billions’ belief? One of the most beautiful analogy that fascinated me which the book contained is as follows..

None would believe that a china tea-cup is revolving in between the Earth and Mars in an eccentric orbit. Few would believe that if I could cite it on some ancestral book described about it. On the other hand, if the same be tutored in the school and children are preached to believe it, may be after some decades most will believe it. You can understand where I am heading…

The random prayer experiment described in this book remained adorable.. There is quote.. “When someone says, I will pray for you.. Often I wanna tell them what’s the use in speaking to yourself…” Human superstition is boundless. If you think people living in Tanna believing John Frum as their God is absurd then in the same I give mind to absurdity in believing other GODs too. Who knows? Jesus, Shiva or Krishna might be some charismatic personalities like Elvis or Diana and they are worshipped because of memetic evolution, as the book portrays.

Let me ask one thing, I am human and so were the people who said to be God blessed or have seen God. If I couldn’t see God then how could they? If God really exists, then he wishes to be worshipped by you then won’t he dislike me for opposing him? Then why didn’t he do anything (esp with his omnipotent power) and as the every holy book finally says believe only in your God. Most of the religious people believe in the existence of their own God and don’t give a damn to existence of other God. Similarly I don’t give a damn to existence of other God and it will be so a fool if I would believe in the existence of innumerable Gods in my own Hindu religion. And I guess I don’t wanna be a fool.

Leave all these, don’t we follow helping someone because it is morally good, then why don’t you follow religion because it suggests morally good. On the other hand if I don’t follow the religion that suggests morally good, then why do I follow deeds like helping others, etc which are morally good as described in religion. When I b3li3ve that no god is watching me then why I fear committing a crime or literarily why be good when none is there to question? This book answered this question which remained confusingly unanswered within me. It may be because I have to protect my self image. People generally like generous people, being generous and altruistic is a kind of prestige. And living with prestige may be incited from and ingrained in the memes such as to satisfy the sexual needs since our ancestors. The main driving force of being morally good is the sexual lust. Ok why be morally good necessarily chosen as the standard or target for fulfilling the sexual appetite and why not morally bad?

If we decide that in a group of 100 members the most lieing person would be given the prize. But how could he be determined, when what is a lie meant can never be explained if everything everyone says is a lie. Yes ‘morally bad’ will diversify people and increase the trouble in a way not be handled. So things have to be this way for the best of all and this got inherited in our genes from our predecessors.

Furthermore they say there is an advantage of theism. Theists say, see I am a believer and I am happy look at you, you are restless. I confess that before reading this book I too thought that what they are saying were right. When you believe you have someone to watch out things you can be peaceful. But truly as Bernardshaw said, “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no truer than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.”

But I wasn’t satisfied by certain other questions answered…. Especially origin of world is told be in the same way as in origin of species by Darwin.

Finally I emphatically say that I don’t know whether an omnipotent force exists or not but I strongly believe that it doesn’t exist as in the way some people have described or engraved. ‘Sati’ was once forcibly believed but now brushed as ignorant superstition. And I believe someday the way people worship, pray to, pray for, trust in, base their lives on so called GOD will be brushed aside as an ignorant superstition.

Before reading this marvelous book, I was an agnostic leaning towards theism but after reading this I have become de-facto agnostic leaning towards agnosticism. It is because even now I believe the existence of God cannot be comprehended and I live my life in a way that no really a God exists in the way people have described or preached me. May be in some other way we couldn’t comprehend or he doesn’t exist at all.