Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

It is the second novel I read in my life, and this will be the most beautiful novel I ever read in my life. I saw the film first and I am damn impressed by the film. It is a little similar to the story which i thought of writing, so I hated why does the film being made, but in way I have to accept that this film is flawless. So I am not much worried and this film remains as one of my all time favorite romantic movies. After seeing this film, I decided to read the novel as well. Though I knew the story before hand, the last few pages of the novel is as gripping as the climax of the movie.
How can a man like Landon Carter can fall in love with a much christian girl like Jamie Sullivan? Can fate dissolve the hopes of some true love stories? What true love means? When things are different from what we expect, then will the love remain the same or alters? These questions are exquisitely answered by this damn good novel. This novel will make the ones who has lost or about to lose their loved ones to shed their tears immensely. But coming to the negative parts of the novel, the first half of the novel is little boring and doesn't contain many twists. And I loved the film much more than the novel mainly because of Mandy Moore's acting.
This novel is a guide to every man for how to love a woman like Landon did. And for women this novel is a thesis as how to be so pure and be a good heart as Jamie. I am so proud and happy to tell the whole world that I have read this most beautiful novel.