Sunday, April 28, 2013


You want to commit suicide .. Right
But do you know you could still choose the way of how you die... 
You can drink poison and die with less pain
You can point a bullet to your head and die within a second
You can hang yourself and die painfully
You can cut yourself with a knife and die brutally
Or .........
You can die naturally after some days withholding all the pains and hurt... 
Why you want to leave so soon?? 
Its just going to be a few more days!!
After that even when you want to live you wouldn't be...
You have to cross this stage because one day 
You are going to smile looking back on to this day...
Its what life is all about.. 
Buddy,. when you cant life in your hands in the way you want
Then why cant you offer yourself in the hands of life 
And just enjoy everything as the way the happens!!!