Sunday, March 10, 2013

Relationship Is Not A Game

In the desert of loneliness I struggled to move on
You came as the oasis and offered your hands to hold on
Suddenly you said you wanted to go and left me alone
I waited believing that you would come soon.
Neither you came nor any signs, so, had I gone.

Regretting about my past I was sleepless in the night
You played the soulful piano just so quite
And made my heart to fly like a kite
In the midst you started crying on a unreasonable fight
I was perplexed yet I hoped it will be all right

Things were different yesterday
And those are not the same today
Your love fades and grows day by day
I couldn’t guess what is impeding in our way
When I ask "Nothing," you say

One day you heal my wounds with priceless words
The next day you are the reasons for all my tears
I don’t understand what love for you means
It is so sad that I need you always
But you need me only when you want me besides

You hurt me like a burning flame
But at last it is always me you blame
Relationship is not a playing game
The love inside two hearts must be equally same
Else things would go as the way as they came