Sunday, March 10, 2013

Going With The Flow

In my solitary nights I couldn’t sleep
You played the music so poignant and deep
The nightmare came, you aren’t mine to keep
There you gave me a thousand reasons to weep

You gave me smiles in the morning
And offered me tears in the evening
Yesterday you made me feel like everything
But today you make me feel like nothing

You guided me on the paths of darkness
And left me on the streets of loneliness
At last I banged on the doors of sadness
You opened the door to welcome me with gladness

You brought me heaven with your sweetest words
But your silence hurts me like a thousand swords
I pray and beg to all those existing lords
To bring us back our lovely worlds

As the way, your stupid stories made me happy,
The way your silly fights makes me cry
Don’t ever say goodbye I fear I would die
Give me your wings and once again make me fly

The person who loves me to the core
Is the same one who Hurts me even more
Relationship is a sand house built ashore
Egoistic waves may take it offshore
So, Forgive my mistakes like you accepted my faults
For you know, hurting you has never been in my thoughts
You and I are each others’ missing parts
So never let a noise to break the rhythm of our hearts

Don’t take much time to forgive me
There is some truth beyond what you could see
I love you more than you dreamt to be
So, Break these egoistic chains and set me free

Break-ups are common in a relationship,
They are like voyage in a damaged ship
Hold it strong when you are losing the grip
Going with flow will just make a finer trip

Relationship Is Not A Game

In the desert of loneliness I struggled to move on
You came as the oasis and offered your hands to hold on
Suddenly you said you wanted to go and left me alone
I waited believing that you would come soon.
Neither you came nor any signs, so, had I gone.

Regretting about my past I was sleepless in the night
You played the soulful piano just so quite
And made my heart to fly like a kite
In the midst you started crying on a unreasonable fight
I was perplexed yet I hoped it will be all right

Things were different yesterday
And those are not the same today
Your love fades and grows day by day
I couldn’t guess what is impeding in our way
When I ask "Nothing," you say

One day you heal my wounds with priceless words
The next day you are the reasons for all my tears
I don’t understand what love for you means
It is so sad that I need you always
But you need me only when you want me besides

You hurt me like a burning flame
But at last it is always me you blame
Relationship is not a playing game
The love inside two hearts must be equally same
Else things would go as the way as they came