Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Letter to my H.O.D...

Dearest Sir,
Every question had an answer and every problem had a solution when we got our times to talk with you in your hectic schedule. You listened to our stories patiently in the dark nights. You traveled into our dark sides, those which we concealed from others and you gave us a solution. You enlightened us during our dark days. In all the way you are the light that helped us in sweeping the darkness away from us. Unluckily those enviously blind men thought to put the light off from your candle. But they do not know that their pursuit is going to be meaningless because they are ignorant that you are not a candle but a sun of knowledge glowing bright with humanity. Your source of knowledge had already lit million other candles in the world. Proudly I am one of it. Wherever we go we will take the light of knowledge along with us and spread it around.
You have been like a friend to me and I am really glad that I met an awesome-st and altruistic man like you in my life and my gladness quadruples when I realise that I had a chance of being taught by you.
Thank you for giving us enough of the freedom we deserved, knowledge and kindness more than we deserved.
Krishna kumar & whole 2008 Aero batch...
P.S. Not only me everyone from our class feels the same for you Sir..