Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just For My Cutest Sweetest Behene..

 May be you are busy… I believe it is true...
 May be you didn't forget me so soon… I trust it is hard for you…
 May be you are disappointed as some things went up wrong in between us… I hope it is not
 May be they didn't matter either to me or to you… 
I know they never did and so they never would… 
 You are an awesome girl because you treated me like your own brother 
 No matter we could not contact each other a lot, but
 Till every word you shared with me,
 Till every second of our chat,
 Till every spilling of love you offered me,
 Till every drop of greatness you bestowed me,
 All together remains in my mind as the golden moments
 You will be there in my life and in my heart as the
 Cutest Behene that I ever had in my life…
 One thing I ever wanted to say you is that
 Your presence had made my life beautiful…
 You say there should be no thanks and sorry in between us
 But there is no way I could ever make you feel that
 I am so much grateful for your coming into my life