Friday, February 15, 2013

I Am Sorry

I ignored you intentionally
Because I loved every time you fought to stay with me
I hurt you knowingly
Because I felt special when I realised you loved me enough to let me hurt you
I asked you to leave me
Because I always know you would come back soon
Like a rubber band I played with our relationship every time because I believed everything would become normal once again. I didn’...t guess that I was stretching so much that our beautiful relationship would be eventually broken in a way it could not be mended. Sitting alone, looking back and worrying why things ended up this way I realise it is all because of me. I wounded a heart that possessed unconditional love for me just because of my selfish behaviour. I behaved rude because I demanded equal love from you. But love is like a rain it comes naturally and not by demanding or begging for it. I measured, compared and asked equal share of my love from you. By doing all these I proved my love was cheap. I know my hurting words couldn’t be taken back nor those things happened would be changed again. Perhaps I wish you could understand that I did all these just because I loved you and wanted to be loved by you. If possible forget those ugly things happened I assure you that the same would not be repeated on the days lying ahead. If possible forgive me and come back to me sis because you know well that I got none to love me in the way you do or to show my love in return.

I am sorry...Waiting for you to apologise me and accept me once again..