Sunday, February 3, 2013


See the one I have become,
I cut myself in order to forget how it hurts inside..
I was actually falling into an ocean of fire
At the time I was falling in love with you
I just fell for you for only one time but
Since then I have become a prisoner of my own life
I was so hurt when I didn’t get you
I almost forget my own existence in this world
And when I rememb
er I live, I am confused why I do.
Amidst all, I am living.
I am just living with only hope that
Someday I would look back and smile that I survived… 

P.S. love u Nitthu...I dont have any rights to say your name even but today I am missing you to the core... dont know whether I will survive or not when I get a news that you are going to marry... Nitthu why I was cursed like this?.. white mouse have u ever thought how i was hurt.. do u care about me? why girl.. cant u send me a mail and give me hope that everything will be okay...
Thinking about the school days I had u near me I always yearn to get those days back.. I felt my life worth lived when u were near me.. an angel u r .. a stranger I am... When this stranger is not going to get this angel then why that fucking god made me to see u... Motherfucker god know that I hate u if u exist...
But wherever may be whomever you marry live with him happily... if possible name ur child with my name i may be born to embrace u in a way no one wud be ther to question me....:'( :'( :'(