Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cant Forget You..

Until I met you I didn’t know or cared to know what love is.
Then I met you.  I met my smallest heaven in your eyes.
I couldn’t control myself from falling in your eyes.
I fell for you every time in different ways.

I staked all my happiness in your smile.
I started to think only about you all on a while.
Every day I built a dream world where only you and I exist.
I tried hard but I couldn’t resist.

But all these could not make me to get you.
The fact that I couldn’t get you didn’t make me to forget you.
All my dream worlds were trashed into pieces by a single blow.
Like feather on air my happiness somewhere it flew.

If you are a girl I would never get
Then I wish you are a girl I never met.
Now, I know what love is.
It is giving permission to someone to hurt us.