Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cant Forget You..

Until I met you I didn’t know or cared to know what love is.
Then I met you.  I met my smallest heaven in your eyes.
I couldn’t control myself from falling in your eyes.
I fell for you every time in different ways.

I staked all my happiness in your smile.
I started to think only about you all on a while.
Every day I built a dream world where only you and I exist.
I tried hard but I couldn’t resist.

But all these could not make me to get you.
The fact that I couldn’t get you didn’t make me to forget you.
All my dream worlds were trashed into pieces by a single blow.
Like feather on air my happiness somewhere it flew.

If you are a girl I would never get
Then I wish you are a girl I never met.
Now, I know what love is.
It is giving permission to someone to hurt us.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Girl Of My Thoughts...

 I know a girl who is exactly like you
She is actually you or may be fake-you
She is entirely or partially different from how you exist
I know she is not real but I still love her,
Because only she made me to love you…
Even if you don't love me she will love me eternally
Because to be loved by you I need your permission
But to be loved by her I just need my permission,
Because she totally belongs to me
Because she lives only in me.
She is nothing but the girl of my thoughts, I created
Who came to occupy my heart since the moment I fell for you..

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I feel somewhere you are watching me... ♥
And you do wish good for me.. ♥
At this instance of living my miserable life without you..♥
This feeling remains as the only reason that makes me to smile.. ♥
Because I feel you too watching me somewhere will smile .. ♥

Friday, February 15, 2013

I Am Sorry

I ignored you intentionally
Because I loved every time you fought to stay with me
I hurt you knowingly
Because I felt special when I realised you loved me enough to let me hurt you
I asked you to leave me
Because I always know you would come back soon
Like a rubber band I played with our relationship every time because I believed everything would become normal once again. I didn’...t guess that I was stretching so much that our beautiful relationship would be eventually broken in a way it could not be mended. Sitting alone, looking back and worrying why things ended up this way I realise it is all because of me. I wounded a heart that possessed unconditional love for me just because of my selfish behaviour. I behaved rude because I demanded equal love from you. But love is like a rain it comes naturally and not by demanding or begging for it. I measured, compared and asked equal share of my love from you. By doing all these I proved my love was cheap. I know my hurting words couldn’t be taken back nor those things happened would be changed again. Perhaps I wish you could understand that I did all these just because I loved you and wanted to be loved by you. If possible forget those ugly things happened I assure you that the same would not be repeated on the days lying ahead. If possible forgive me and come back to me sis because you know well that I got none to love me in the way you do or to show my love in return.

I am sorry...Waiting for you to apologise me and accept me once again..

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just For My Cutest Sweetest Behene..

 May be you are busy… I believe it is true...
 May be you didn't forget me so soon… I trust it is hard for you…
 May be you are disappointed as some things went up wrong in between us… I hope it is not
 May be they didn't matter either to me or to you… 
I know they never did and so they never would… 
 You are an awesome girl because you treated me like your own brother 
 No matter we could not contact each other a lot, but
 Till every word you shared with me,
 Till every second of our chat,
 Till every spilling of love you offered me,
 Till every drop of greatness you bestowed me,
 All together remains in my mind as the golden moments
 You will be there in my life and in my heart as the
 Cutest Behene that I ever had in my life…
 One thing I ever wanted to say you is that
 Your presence had made my life beautiful…
 You say there should be no thanks and sorry in between us
 But there is no way I could ever make you feel that
 I am so much grateful for your coming into my life