Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love Is Beautiful

When he feels sad that someone called him ugly..
You hug him and say,
"Well they don't have this princess' eyes!"
When she sheds her tears that some called her boring,
You wipe out her tears and say,
"I am going to knock that bastard off! Just show him to me" 
It is caring and affection..

When he is on the verge to give up on his dreams..
You give life to it once again and stand besides of him..
When she feels she is not good for anything
You change her mind and make her identify the specialty in her..
It is hope and motivation.

When you know he is going to struggle, yet 
You hold your hands to sail with him on every odd or even 
When she had asked you to wait and didnt come
You understand that she was stuck up with something critical
It is trust and faith..

When you understand your happiness is him
And share your every secret with him...
When you give her all your best, surprise her and
Treat her in all the way she wanted
It is understanding and friendship..

Love is not when you read Romeo n Juliet again n again..
Love is not when you cry when seeing Titanic..
Love is incomplete when you think 
It just means kissing in public, being around with them always, chatting with them all the night.. 
Love is love only when it is a combination of all these Caring, motivation, trust, friendship etc..
For it is a beautiful something mixed with some of every beautiful thing..

Look at the one who holds on to you all the time
You will simply understand, love is he or love is she...