Thursday, January 31, 2013

You Wellwisher...

Soon you will marry someone
You will become his beautiful wife any man could never dream of…
Then I wouldn’t be having any rights to live with you
Someday you will become a mother of wonderful kids
Then I wouldn’t be having any rights to love you,
But until my memories has your lovable image
You will remain as the same girl I loved
Until you remain as the same girl I loved,
I will remain as your same well-wisher that I used to be,
May be you never care, may be you never know…
May be it hurts..
But in a way this too is a happy ending,
May be not for me...
:'( :'( :'(

Once Again..

Love didn't ask me to choose you... 
I chose you.. 
You didn't ask me to love you.. 
I loved you.. 
You are not much happy with my one sided love.. 
And for me love is not a happy thing without you.. 
Perhaps, we are not going to live forever, 
Our lives are short so we shall make everything simple 
It so true that 
You are the most awesome girl I ever met.. 
So you be happy with the one you had chosen.. 

And love is the most awesome feeling that ever happened.. 
So let love shall happen to me once again.. 
But this time with someone who would love me back...
For I know falling in love is like learning a bicycle
Mostly we will fall down and hurt ourselves 
But if we are afraid to try once again 
Then we have to walk lonely in the whole life...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That Moment..

Like the storm carrying a lonely leaf far away in the beautiful sky.. ♥
Along the way came you and drifted my life to new heights
All of a sudden a stranger is changing the way I live and the way I dreamt to live.. 
Slowly I understood my own love story has started to begin.. ♥
Deeply I guessed you may be the one I would live my whole life for... ♥
It was an awesome moment when I saw your eyes for the first time,
It was a moment I couldnt forget ... ♥
It was the moment I fell in love with someone for the first time in my whole life.. ♥
It was the moment I fell for you in a way I couldnt get up.. ♥

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Walking Without You...

Walking in the lonely streets without you has a millions of feelings never shown.. ♥
Seeing the dark sky in the night and worrying about your departure has a lifelong emotions never fulfilled.. ♥
Traveling in a window-seat wondering the life you live has a lengthy story never told.. ♥
Dreaming about you in the corner of my room has infinite wishes never came true.. ♥
Hearing the sad love song and shedding a tear drop for you contains an ocean of love you never know.. ♥

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Though I didnt get you in this life...
I want the same love story to happen to me, even in my next life...
I should fall in love with you uncontrollably, dream a life with you all the time..
But always fear to express all my feelings to you..
And when I express, you shouldn’t accept...
I should miss you to the core..
I should hate my empty life and even think to end it...
The same love story but with a small twist…
I wish that someday in your next life,
You should miss me like I miss you now
Then I should hug you from behind saying that
I won’t allow you to suffer in the same pain of missing someone special...:'( :'( :'(



Don't want to be your friend..
I want to be the owner of your every moment.. ♥
I want to be your first child.. ♥
I want you to be my second mother.. ♥
I want to be your one and only partner to share everything I have and anything you have.. ♥
When you gave your hands to hold him you no need to extend the same hands to wipe out my tears.. ♥
Guess why I don't attend your calls?
I am not ignoring you because you chose him
I am actually practicing to live without you just because you have found another to live with.. ♥

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love Is Beautiful

When he feels sad that someone called him ugly..
You hug him and say,
"Well they don't have this princess' eyes!"
When she sheds her tears that some called her boring,
You wipe out her tears and say,
"I am going to knock that bastard off! Just show him to me" 
It is caring and affection..

When he is on the verge to give up on his dreams..
You give life to it once again and stand besides of him..
When she feels she is not good for anything
You change her mind and make her identify the specialty in her..
It is hope and motivation.

When you know he is going to struggle, yet 
You hold your hands to sail with him on every odd or even 
When she had asked you to wait and didnt come
You understand that she was stuck up with something critical
It is trust and faith..

When you understand your happiness is him
And share your every secret with him...
When you give her all your best, surprise her and
Treat her in all the way she wanted
It is understanding and friendship..

Love is not when you read Romeo n Juliet again n again..
Love is not when you cry when seeing Titanic..
Love is incomplete when you think 
It just means kissing in public, being around with them always, chatting with them all the night.. 
Love is love only when it is a combination of all these Caring, motivation, trust, friendship etc..
For it is a beautiful something mixed with some of every beautiful thing..

Look at the one who holds on to you all the time
You will simply understand, love is he or love is she...


I am her prince. She is my princess. 
Our own fairy tale was a different story.
She and I had been loving together for past eleven years,
but our parents didn't accept it.  
Her parents engaged her to some other. 
Knowing that she tried to commit suicide only I knew that.
Then she changed her mine and wanted me to be happy with or without her.  
She wanted me to marry someone other and remain happy. 
On the other hand she is sad. 
How can I pacify her, when I couldn't pacify myself. 
With a hard heart I wrote her a letter...

Don’t be sad that we had to live
separately though our memories
and dreams live together. Not
only love, certain other things
were also important and
indispensable to lead a better life.
I was angry when you thought to
explain this to me.  As you said we
have responsibilities in our lives.
We were born not only to play
the role of a lover but also the
roles of a child, spouse, parent,
Do you remember, we used to
talk daily continuously for hours
in the phone. And we felt so hard
to spend a single day without
talking to each other. Perhaps,
during the nights before our
exams we never spoke to each
other because we knew that the
day lying ahead was more
important and much responsible.
We understood it clearly and
never tried to talk in our phones
until we completed our exams
The same principle goes with our
lives too. You have to marry some
other and so was I because we
had to play the roles of a child
well. As decided before neither I
nor you was interested to hurt
our parents’ feelings though they
never tried to understand ours.
We were now in a critical stage to
take a witty decision, which would
not ruin our lives.
I say my girl, the years lying
ahead was much important to us
than those we spent together.
So you and I have to be more
responsible. You had to play well
the role of a good daughter,
affectionate spouse and a
wonderful mother. Let us stay
apart until we finish our
responsibilities well. Until our
relations were satisfied
with our lives spent together with
May be after thirty or forty years, when we have lived almost
of our lives with our spouse,
caring for them and with our kids,
nurturing them as men …we
would be finally free from all our
responsibilities. Yes, I hope on our
later part of our lives, when our
kids and grand children grown up
as men, they would advice us rather
than obeying us.  No one other
than our partners might really care
about us. When nothing counts
and nothing matters, the one I
married and I would be waiting
for you and your partner to spend
our left out times in a bench on a
shore or by going for a walk in a
road or in some other peaceful
place. I hope, we would be
having a heavy bundle of stories
and an unbearable bunch of
memories to be shared. You and I
if get that lucky chance we shall
share about this day, the before
days and days lying aftermath our
marriage. So don’t worry go
happily for the day of your
marriage, live a happy life and
leave a shine of it on everyplace
you go. Keep in mind that you
had played the role of a lover in
an excellent way and I hope you
would play others role also well. I
order you that you should be
only saying beautiful stories
compiled with fun and happiness
on the day we would meet after
all our hairs have gone grey and
our mouth had lost its teeth. So
you have to live a beautiful life at
least for that.  We shall wait for that day.
I hope that that day waits for us too.  
True love can be felt even when the lovers 
don't get a chance to live together and live apart.
Ours is a similar story.  May be it is the test for our love. 
Our love has the ability to do anything, 
to experience anything that comes on a way 
and still remain the same as the way as it is...  
Our love has the ability to let each other go, 
to see each other living separately and remain the same. 
In the forthcoming years we may change, 
even our love may but not our memories.  
And as long as the remain the same 
you and me will belong to each other as we did once. 

  You always say that I was the one
who understands you better. And
as you believe, I could
understand that how much you
were hurt now, for being forced
to live with another other than
me. The same goes with me too,
and I could accept all these.  I
trust you would also. It was all
OKAY my girl that you are
marrying someone other than
Wish you a happy Married life!!! 

Then something unexpected happened, what's it?..

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