Monday, July 30, 2012


  "Unlike poles attract each other" I think this will possibly explain why a boy get attracted towards a girl and the vice versa.  When this attraction is a little intense, then people wish to attain their attractive ones, here legally the attraction may be called as a crush...But when they realize that they cannot either get along with them or be a part in their life. And when they want to move on in their life...People cruelly crush their feelings inside of their heart itself and gives their attraction a  pseudo name called crush and they move on in their ordinary life.
If boys' eart can be operated we can find a high school teacher lying underneath tagged with a name called CRUSH ( hotter one mostly) ..:D and if girls' brain (as far as I guess it is their love organ ) is operated  then there may be anyone starting from a neighbor house watchman to a Bollywood hero, who is burried as crush..
It is a phase before love compulsorily and after love sometimes unluckily...:P To remain adhered to the topic I will write friendship about the opposite genders... When a boy and girl get a chance to know about each other of what they like and hate...when a boy protects her and when a girl helps him...its all friendship...they chat, discuss, argue, help, fight and remain as such with the changes happening around them .  It often remains as a foundation  to love and that is when both understands or fears that in their journey of life they could never meet someone so interesting and such a pair...and what?? Duffer..they fall in love idiot. And I cannot write about a girl or a boy having many friends of the opposite gender...
Perhaps, some remain as friends: one or both of them having buried their feelings within them just because they are forced to...
A few who have crossed their fingers for the friendship bud to blossom as a love flower, are really blessed when mutual understanding breeze softly opens up the petals of t bud into an ever-wilting love flower.
And a few remain as honest friends when one or both has found that their soul-mate is some-other...
This holds true for the love stories of 90's..However, with this modern gadgets love...Friendship is a code word to break up.,certainly after a break up.
Ex...When a guy in a relationship is bored of explaining to his girl that there are colors other than pink...animals other than dogs...stuffs other than chocolates. he plainly says that they can remain as friends... Yes, when a relationship gets bored (pardon me or when it is efficiently used up) then an intelligent guy will convince her girl that they shall end up as friends for the good of both...In a way boys are a little arrogant and clever(Evil smile), when a girl (Cunning one of course) possibly says the same coz after that she will be once again baptized with a new common name called.."Bitch"
This is how friendship goes...
This is pleasant feeling mixed with emotions both physical and mental...It is when a girl or a boy having no idea receives a proposal and decides to end up with him/her because he/she is the one they happily live with. And the worst case occurs later...that blamingly when they meet someone, without whom they cannot happily live with. And these are the cases where the providence plays a great comic role...But like a joker in Dark is evil..
Love, apparently happens only once, but we can make it happen during the second and third time.  The subtle difference between love and true love is that..when one can imagine our marriage with another other than our soul the same time could not tolerate imagining some other holding their loved ones' hands in the marriage stage it is love...And true love is when they believe that their sweet heart must be happy where ever or with whom ever they might be.
(Mothers love..fathers love...etc. are not dealt here)
It is mostly an unrequited or untold one...(Platonic in 90% of the cases) that's because human will love someone truly only when they do not get a thing or have lost it...If my brain is tilted towards the question what True love means mine would project with an answer of first love...Yes..true love happens only once & remains forever...with only one & no other
Other than that true love means sacrifice if in a couple..true love means to hold their arms together during the ups,downs..zenith and abyss of happiness and sorrowfulness to indicate the whole that they are forever blessed...True love is when two souls in final stages of their life..taking in the air the other souls gives out..just because they want to breath only after making sure that the other soul is living well...
Well in these computerised love decades, true love means nothing other than exchanging their facebook or gmail passwords...:D :) :D