Monday, March 12, 2012

I wish this happens..Oh God I beg you this happens to me with my white mouse

I still couldn’t believe how things had worked like a charm.
 I was much astonished on how things get changed extraordinarily in our ordinary lives.  I remember everything happened was a normal one but now when I look back on to them they look as if they were the best things that could have happened to anyone but me.  She was a perfect example of this.  She happened to me just like an ordinary person, I never knew that someday she would become my angel.  Now I realise she was the best happened to me in an ordinary way.  Though I have her established as an angel in my life, what did she ever think of me? Did she ever think of me?  As I told she was an angel and an angel would have many admirers.  Was I one among them or did I meant something more than this to her?  If she knew that I admire her and want to adore her as the most precious ornament of my life, would she be interested in living with me forever.   I never knew that I would get a YES, for my question until the day I proposed her with full of anxiety and fear.  I still wonder how this miracle happened to me in my life.  It is always a fact that I wonder after the miracles happen in my life.
She like most of the girls never said a yes, as soon as I proposed, she watched me to suffer in the gateways of pang and ecstasy while making me wait for her a simple single word answer of either a yes or a no.  Nonetheless I wasn’t angry for her cruel intention, as I believed she would give me her consent.  She really loved the way I love her.  She gave a pleasant YES with her visage resplendent like a first golden rose that ever blossomed on this Earth. Then I showed my moon to my parents and pleaded them to make arrangements such that, this moon would flew forever in my sky.  And this made this day to happen.     
  Everyone has something to describe a few moments as their life’s most precious moments.  We at any time in our life had expected that this day would be that auspicious day, which would decorate the remaining of our days in our life time.  Today we are going to say to this world,
“Our two souls are made to be lashed with one another by the bond of love and affection, so that our souls forever remain as one.” Today we are going to be engaged.
  Thousands of my moments passed unproductively whilst expecting for this precious moment.  That precious moment came, we are here being the centre of attraction.  All the good looking and bad looking boys focussed on her countenance, which blushed with a great joy of having found a good life partner.   No girls looked at me, as they are busy on looking the beautiful and sparkling dress and ornaments she wore.   Before proposing her I was worried of the men who might come to get hold of her, even now I was worried for the same.  Though I know since from the day she gave her consent, she is my beloved and no one can get her, yet there are some apprehensive thoughts running inside my mind that how everything could go fine in a beautiful love story like us.  I prayed to God that no twists are made by him in our story.  I soon wanted to exchange the rings on our fingers.  I sooner want to make her my wife.  Perhaps, she is so cool like the other days.  I drew some complacence every time I saw her lips curving a little, and I felt too proud if I am the reason behind it.  Our parents are so elated that they never wanted to take their eyes at least for a second because of the fear that some precious moments of us might get escaped from their vision.  I slowly whispered in her ears, the usual three words sentence.  When I said this she turned her head towards me with an elaborated smile.  She suddenly closed and opened her eyelids symbolising, “Dear you no need to say this.  I know that before.”
 But I was not happy with this, while I speak her with my words how could she be answering with a gesture.  So I demanded her to say me, I love you.  First she ignored my demand.  So I requested her, but she doesn’t respond me as she focussed on the crowd and is afraid that the crowd may be attentive on us.  At last I threatened her
 “Say I Love you, else I will shout the same on the crowd pointing you.”
  Anxiously she looked on to me and said,
“I love you soooooo much, will u keep quiet now.”  Her eyes sparkled and perplexed me whether she had wore any gold on inside of her eyes too.  And her smile is no match that explains why certain girls look damn gorgeous with a simple smile. 
We thought no one would be knowledgeable on the things going over here in between us, and this proved how innocent we are, when the whole crowd laughed on seeing the childish things we are involved with.  Then few moments later she picked the ring and slipped that on my ring finger gently.  While her fingers touched mine I was so excited that I never wanted that moment to end soon.  Then I used the chance and took my own time in enjoying the feeling of touching her fingers, while I dropped the ring into hers.  Less I slipped the ring into hers and more I played with her fingers like a child holding her mothers.  We looked on to our parents and the crowd the same happiness, which remained with us, danced on their faces too. The day remained special because of her and she will always remain special in my life because of this day.  Now she has become so called my fiancĂ©e and I am her fiancĂ©. We had desire for each other and now let the whole world shall know that we are destined to live together as well.  This great day’s remembrance increased the anxiety and expectation of how beautiful our day of wedding would be… and I am restlessly waiting for it.