Monday, March 12, 2012

I dont mind getting humilated by you

some day i want to say to this world that you are the one why because i attained my  dream, please wait for me until i attain my dream.  Someday i will attain my dream and you wont believe.  yes you are the reason why i attained my dream.  i loved you that caused everything.  i am ready to miss you for somedays but i do not want to miss you forever.  i could never imagine you living with another one. i have never been like this to anyone.  to you u i dont want to show my pride or ego and i dont mind getting humilated by you.  you are the most important one in this world.  i wish you could understand that these are not merely words i wish that you will be understanding my tears that streamed down my cheeks while i wrote this. I dont mind what you think of me afterward of reading this, you may think i am selfish, troublesome, mad or loveable whatever it may be, I beg you please accept me as your life partner i will be an angel in your life.  I could realise i am disturbing you and it is not fair to do something like this but when i think about how happy i will be if the things lying underneath of my heart is said to you and u wish to live with me after knowing these.  you are flawless and i have many faults but for the love's sake accept them. and just say a word yes and permit me to bestow my love for thee.. which is the extreme love a man can possess for a woman