Monday, February 6, 2012

In The Midst You Happened

My life was a tranquilising drink,
You came, shook it, tilted it upside down, and walked away.
Chaos remained after, and then it was slowly intoxicated.

My life was quite a peaceful flow,
In the midst you arose, reverted the flow and went
At last it forgot the place where it ends, it flows and flows.

My life was a beautiful portrait,
You saw it, added colours to it, left it halfway
It remained unfinished and incomplete.

My life was a serene pond, you passed by,
Threw a stone in it, and vanished
It was disturbed and it was restless  

My life was a perfect journey
In the midst you stood, held my hands, took me to new places and left
I stood there pathless and perplexed.

My life was good,
In the midst you happened, changed its meaning, and went
My life was not the one, which was before,
If you were not going to be with me forever
I wish you never happened to me.